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7+ Ways to Overcome a New But Slow Laptop (100% Effective)

A slow laptop must be very annoying, isn't it. Moreover, the laptop that we just bought but is slow. It must be very frustrating. Even more so if we are working on a task, but the laptop we use is slow. This will definitely make our work longer.

In addition to making our work long, slow laptops will certainly interfere with our other activities such as gaming or browsing. The cause of the laptop is actually very much slow. But since every problem has a solution, so does a slow laptop, it must have a solution to restore the performance of the performance of our laptop .

How to Overcome a New But Slow Laptop

Before you repair or resolve your new laptop that slow, you must know in advance the causes of your slow laptop. With you know the cause, of course you can take the first step to repair. Who knows, you can fix it yourself. Here are the causes and ways to overcome a new but slow laptop.

1. Many Programs that Run at Startup

The first cause that makes your new laptop slow is that there are too many programs or applications running at Startup. Therefore, you must deactivate applications that run on startup so that it will speed up system performance and improve overall responsiveness. Here are the steps you can follow.

1. First, please press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard.

2. Then the Task Manager will appear. Please click More Details at the bottom. As in the picture below.

 how to deal with a new but slow laptop

3. Then, on the top menu, please click Startup . As shown below:

 click startup

4. Then, please select the program or application that you want to disable or not important. Then, please click on Disable in your lower right corner. As in the picture below.

 tips for dealing with a new but slow laptop

5. Completed.

2. Incompatible Operating System

The next cause of slow new laptops is an incompatible operating system. The use of a laptop that has been around for a long time does not only affect hardware performance, but also software. One of the most frequently affected is the operating system (OS), especially Windows, which is the most used operating system.

If Windows has an error, then the laptop's performance has become less optimal or crashes frequently. If it is too severe, you better reset or reinstall your laptop's operating system. But, if you are interested, you can also change Windows to other lighter operating systems, such as Linux.

3. Due to 100% Disk Usage

The next cause that makes your new laptop slow is too much use on your disk. The number of files or data on your laptop also contributes to the slowness of your laptop. There is an expert who says that a hard disk that is full until 95% will slow down the computer by 50%, especially if your disk is already 100% full.

Therefore, you must still stabilize the amount of data that you store on the laptop. If it looks full, please delete it or move your data to an external hard drive. A hard drive that is fully indicated will appear red, as shown below.

 full disk

4. Small RAM Capacity

Another cause that makes your new laptop slow is the small RAM capacity and is not commensurate with the activities you do on your laptop. The amount of RAM you have is also one of the most important factors in the speed of your laptop.

It's a good idea when you buy a new laptop, you have to adjust to the activities that you will do with your laptop. If you want to use a laptop for design or video editing it's better that you use 4GB of RAM and above. To check the RAM capacity of your laptop, please follow the steps below.

1. First, please right-click on This PC and click Properties . As in the picture below.

 click properties

2. Then, you can see the RAM capacity on your laptop. As in the picture below.

 how to deal with a new but slow laptop effectively

If your RAM capacity is still lacking, you can add it or replace it with a new one.

5. There is Malware on the Laptop

Another cause that can make your new laptop slow is the presence of malware or viruses on your laptop. You should install Antivirus on your laptop, to prevent any malware or viruses that will attack your laptop.

There are many Antivirus applications available that you can use, such as Avira, Avast, Smadav, and so on. You can periodically scan your laptop to make sure there are no malware or viruses on your new laptop.

6. Opening Many Programs Once in a Time (Multitasking)

Another cause that can make your new laptop slow is the number of programs that you open at one time or the term Multitasking. Although you use a laptop for this purpose, but you need to remember that laptops also have RAM limitations. Do not frequently open many programs at a time.

To see how many programs are running, you can follow the steps below.

1. First, please click on Task View icon in the taskbar. As shown below:

 taskview icon

2. Then, you can see how many applications or programs you are currently open. Like in the picture below.


3. To close an unused application, please click on the Cross icon on the application. As in the picture below.

 how to deal with a new but slow laptop for beginners

4. Completed.

7. Troubled Hardware

The final cause of slow new laptops is a problem with laptop hardware. Hardware problems can vary, for example such as a hot laptop processor, broken laptop fan, VGA or other hardware.

You need to know in advance which parts of the hardware are damaged. If you already know that you will immediately fix it to someone more expert or someone who is familiar with laptop service, don't as long as you fix it yourself. Because the damage could have spread to other hardware, if you are not too skilled in repairing hardware.

That's all this tutorial about ways to deal with new but slow laptops. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful. Thank you ?


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