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7 Ways to Clean Your Iphone 4 So It Doesn't Slow

Iphone 4 was one of the superior products of the world-famous computer company, Apple in its day. Around 2010, this smartphone had triumphed and even included luxury goods that are coveted by some people. In fact, this phone is an elite-class smartphone in his day.

But along with the times, Iphone 4 has now been replaced with new generations. Sometimes the iPhone has started to "age" with increasingly slow when used. for those of you who use the iPhone 4 and feel upset with the slow smartphone, follow a few ways to clean the iPhone 4 so it does not slow.

1. Restart

How to Clean Your iPhone 4 So It Doesn't Slow The first thing you can do is restart. The restart process will make some cache memory clear. For your own way you can hold the power button until the Apple logo comes out. After the logo exits, you will see several options, just press restart. Later the iphone will automatically restart.

2. Clean cache browsing history

Inside the IOS Operating System,
there are mostly default applications from Apple. One of them is Safari. Safari
is browser
best from Apple for its users. Even so, Safari is not
different from the browser in general. Every time we use the safari browser,
the more cache is piling up. This cache will become junk later
data that makes the iPhone's performance slow.

Therefore, it should be
You clear the cache in the Safari browser. For its own way, first open it
Safari browser. After that, select the Settings menu and open browser settings
Safari. Swipe down until you find "Clear History and Webiste data". If
You have found it, just press and automatically cache browsing history
the Safari browser will be deleted.

3. Uninstall Application

One of the causes of Iphone 4
slow start is too many applications installed. A case that is known
that the memory capacity on the iPhone 4 is small enough for the current size of 8
GB. As with other electronic goods, there are more and more applications
installed the slower the smartphone because of internal memory
used less and less. Therefore, you should delete or uninstall it
rarely used application. or applications that are very large in size.

4. Turn off rarely used features

Some features inside
Iphone 4 might be useful for your daily life. However, a few
there are features that are not needed by you and even make the Iphone
become slow. For that, if you want to turn off features that aren't
needed, first go inside
setting. After that, swipe until you find a feature called General
Refreshes Bacground App. If so, you are
can choose any application that you want to turn off so it doesn't appear
on the background.

5. Turn off personal assistant

Same with Android
who has a personal assistant named Google Assist. On the Iphone also has
personal assistant named Siri. This Siri feature can provide suggestions when
do a search in IOS. However, the use of Siri is quite heavy
so as to make the iPhone slow.

To turn it off, enter it
into the settings and then enter the general section. Next look for Spotlight
Suggestions then select Siri Suggestions. After logging in, you can turn it off
this feature. Another way is to turn off the "Hey Siri" feature. For the way
itself is almost the same as the previous way, namely into the settings section
then choose General. That's where you select the Siri section and deactivate it.

6. Turn off the Automatic Download feature

Maybe some people are still not aware that the iPhone 4 has an automatic download feature. This feature is indeed very useful for those of you who don't want to bother doing manual updates. However, this automatic download feature not only sucks your quota quietly, but it can also make the memory inside the iPhone full quickly. To turn it off, enter the settings and select App and iTunes Stores. If you have multiple devices that use one Apple ID, then you need to deactivate the Apple ID.

7. Turn off the Background App

Maybe some of us
not aware that every application that runs on Background can
overload performance on the iPhone 4. Moreover activities such as data synchronization
as well as content updates too often go unnoticed. To turn off Background
This app, enter the settings section then select general. If so, select Background
Refresh app then turn off everything
application that runs according to your wishes. If so, the application is
has been turned off, it will not run anymore in the background.

Those are 7 Ways to Clean Your iPhone 4 So It Does Not Slow. You can also read other references such as how to check the IMEI Iphone how to remove the iPhone virus and also the hidden features of iOS 10 which are rarely known. Hopefully it can provide many benefits to all.


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