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7 Ways to Clean Laptop RAM Easily

Have you ever felt a laptop feels very slow when used? It could be because the laptop RAM is getting full. You need to know that the use of a laptop that is often done has a big impact on laptop performance. The most frequent effect experienced by people when using a laptop without cleaning is the memory inside the hard disk is full and the laptop starts to slow down. There are several easy ways to do so that laptop RAM can be cleaned so that it can speed up laptop performance. the steps themselves can be seen below.

1. Restart the laptop

The first easy way
done is to restart the laptop. Restarting on
laptop, then the memory contained in the running program will be arranged
reset again. Although this doesn't improve the quality of RAM itself,
however, this process can clean up several running applications
applications that consume a lot of RAM memory.

2. Using Task Manager

The next method that can
You try to turn off the program that runs using the task manager. In the
This task manager, you can see what applications are often consuming
a lot of memory RAM
computer during run. To be able to enter into the task manager, you can
look for it on the start menu or you can also use a shortcut on the keyboard. The way
itself is to press the "Ctrl + Shift + Esc" button simultaneously.

After the pop up task manager
already open, then next is to enter the "More Details" section. Then,
also click on the tab "Processes" and "Memory" to find out more about anything
programs or applications that often use up some RAM memory. In order to
close the running application, enter the Processes tab then click which application
which you will close. Right-click on the application then select "end process".
Then the application will automatically close.

3. Uninstall the program

the second way can be said
temporary. If you want the application absolutely not
want more, so you should uninstall the program. However, you need to
pay close attention to whether the program is really needed or not.
do not let you regret having deleted it.

To uninstall, you
can go to the "Settings" section then select "Apps". There, you can only choose
application that you don't need and click uninstall. Wait until
The process is complete and you have just successfully uninstalled the application that didn't
is desirable.

4. Hold the application to run automatically

If you feel still
unfortunately in removing the existing application but do not want the application
automatically activated, then you can try this option. First come in
first in the Task Manager. After that enter the "Startup" section.
There you will see a variety of applications that run automatically when
laptop is being turned on. Next is turn off the applications that
in your opinion is not needed by right-clicking the application and clicking

5. Scanning Virus

Computer viruses can also become the cause of reduced RAM on laptops . One of them is that RAM becomes very full of various programs and cannot be deleted. For that, you can use the virus software that is on your laptop. The method is quite easy. Prepare the first anti-virus that is already installed on the laptop. after that, do a thorough scan so that the virus can be known quickly. after the virus has been detected and removed from the laptop, the next step is to restart the laptop and see the results.

6. Use the RAM Cleaner application

You can use the application
specifically to clean up data that accumulates on RAM. One of them
is to use the RAM Cleaner application. The workings of this application are
turn off applications that are rarely used or in a state (Iddle). Although
so, the application can still be opened if needed. You can
looking for some RAM Cleaner applications in various trusted sources.

7. Using virtual memory

The next method is
using virtual memory. By using this virtual memory, you can
increase the RAM memory capacity so that its performance remains stable. The method itself
is through the Control Panel. Go to the Control panel. then come in
to the System Properties section. Next enter the Advance tab and select
Settings There you will find the performance button. After that, switch
return to the Advanced section and click the change button. That's where you can manage
how much virtual memory to use.

That's 7 ways to clean up
Laptop RAM easily. You need to note that cleaning RAM is necessary
carried out routinely so that the laptop can function again normally without
meaningful problem. You can learn ways
fix unreadable Laptop RAM how to check laptop RAM ,
And many others. Hopefully this article can have a positive impact
positive for the reader and of course all of you.


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