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7 Tips to Keep Your HP Battery Durable in Non-Removable Types

Smartphones are currently on
the trend is using non removable battery types or we like to call them batteries
planting. This type of battery is widely made because it has a budget
a cheaper manufacture compared to a removable battery. However, with batteries
whose types are planted we cannot replace the batteries as we please if
having damaged. Therefore, so that this planting battery can be more durable
used, following a review of how to treat it.

1. Use the original charger

The original charger in question
here is the original charger when we bought a smartphone for the first time. Charger
This has been specifically designed to be compatible with smartphone devices
so the battery is guaranteed safe from damage.
For that, if you have time to use a charger that is not original or
not from one manufacturer, the potential for battery damage will occur
occur. If the charger has been damaged before, then buy a charger
new original.

2. Note the smartphone temperature

The next section is
always pay attention to the temperature of the smartphone when used. Generally, normal temperature
when using a smartphone is room temperature, which is 18 to 35 degrees Celsius.
If the temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius, the battery will experience
actual capacity reduction. Even if the smartphone temperature is more than 35
degrees Celsius, the component will feel hot and it can damage

Therefore, when we are
use a smartphone, make sure the place is cool and not too often
using a smartphone for hours. It also can raise the temperature
slowly. The next way is not to place the smartphone on objects
which has a high temperature. For example like putting a smartphone on the refrigerator,
or put the smartphone in the oven. You can also download several applications
temperature control on smartphones available on Google Play Store for free.

3. Avoid blotch overnight

Both smartphones and
cell phones from the past until now still use the same rules,
i.e. avoid avoiding overnight. Although some smartphones use
auto discharge technology when the battery is full, however, we remain direct
remove the charger when the samrtphone battery is full. As a result of ngecas
overnight is the battery will easily swell and some cases even
can cause an explosion.

For charging a smartphone
using a power bank should not be used too often. Because, power
generated on the Powerbank is not stable. This can damage
smartphone battery itself. Likewise with charging the battery inside
car, you may also reduce the habit.

4. Don't wait for the battery to run out

Other bad habits are
can damage the smartphone battery is to let the battery run out new
charged. These bad habits can shorten the battery life and even batteries
will be more easily damaged. Preferably, do the battery charging after
battery capacity has reached at least 20 percent.

If the battery capacity has
thinning when we're on our way, then you can use Powerbank for
just an emergency. But again, you should not be too frequent
use the power bank for charging. Use the power bank for
just an emergency. You should consider tips
choose a good power bank and good quality so it's not easy
damaging the Android battery.

5. Avoid using smartphones while being charged.

One bad habit
The other thing that must be avoided immediately is don't use a smartphone when
is charging. You need to understand that when the smartphone is being charged,
then the battery is receiving electricity and when we hold it is hot enough.
if you do activities while the smartphone is charging, the battery will
much hotter because the first battery is receiving power, the second battery too
charge the cell phone when used. it certainly can accelerate
damage to the battery.

6. Turn off the smartphone when not in use

Usually people who
using a smartphone rarely turns it off since purchase. The habit
also not good because after all electronic items need a break. By
so, when we don't use it for a long time, it's best
just turn it off so that the battery doesn't wear out quickly. For example only at night. If
You are going to sleep, you should just turn off the smartphone can smell good
enough. That way, smartphones can be more "fresh" when used the next day
the day.

7. Don't play games too often

Play games on mobile
Games today are certainly very exciting. However, you also need to
realize that playing games on a smartphone is very influential
battery performance. This is caused when we play games inside
smartphone, then all the components will work extra hard so that the game can
goes well. Therefore, you should not be too frequent
playing games on a smartphone.

Those are 7 tips on guarding
HP batteries remain durable in non-removable types. You can also learn ways
extend the battery life of Android and
how to make Android durable and long lasting at various trusted sources
the other. Hopefully these tips can be useful for all readers.


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