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7 Tips for Choosing a Good and Good External Hard Drive

The hard drive is one of the important components of a computer component. The function of the hard drive is to store data and systems that are on a computer or laptop. As time goes by, the storage capacity in the hard drive will continue to grow if you constantly use a computer or laptop. This makes us need an external hard drive.

However, it is not easy to find a good quality, durable external hard drive. If we look at it from the brand side, it does not guarantee that the external hard drive will continue to be used. for those of you who plan to buy an external hard drive, it's good to look at the following Tips for Choosing the following External Hard Drive.

1. See supported operating systems.

When going to buy an external hard drive, Tips for Choosing an External Hard Drive the first part to look at is the operating system that is supported. This is also related to the operating system on the computer or laptop that you are using. At present, computer and laptop operating systems are more dominant by Windows. Even so, there are also those who use the Linux or Apple operating system, but there are not many.

Well, on an external hard drive there are different file systems based on the operating system used by computers or laptops. The file system is HFS + for Apple and NTFS Operating Systems for Windows Operating Systems. If you use an external hard drive that uses the HFS + file system on a Windows computer, then the hard disk will not be detected and vice versa. Therefore, it should be noted whether the external hard drive that you are going to buy supports the operating system of the computer that you are using or not.

2. total
storage capacity

Another consideration is external memory storage capacity. Of course this is related to the purpose of buying an external hard drive. If you only want to save files with a size that is not too large, then the capacity of 500GB is enough to meet your needs. However, if you want to save files of a large size, as a backup of application data, software, games, and important files, then you have to choose a capacity of more than 500GB. But this must be adjusted to the budget you have.

3. Speed
data processing

This section is often underestimated by some people. even though
the speed of processing data on an external hard drive is very influential on
speed of writing or reading the hard disk. For units of speed
rotation of the hard disk plate, determined by the RPM or according to
Revolutions per Minute. The higher the RPM shown, the faster
in processing the data.

4. Connectivity

Connectivity on an external hard drive can be a further consideration. At present, the connectivity that can be used by an external hard drive is via a USB port. The type of USB port used is of two kinds, namely USB 3.0 and 2.0. For this type of USB 3.0 can reach speeds of up to 5Gbps. This is certainly faster than using USB type 2.0 which only reaches 480 Mbps. Even so, this is nothing to worry about because USB type 3.0 can be used on USB 2.0 ports.

On some other types of external hard drives, there are also
which uses connections via thunderbolt ports. Of course the data speed
the resulting transfer is much faster than type 3.0. Only
only, this thunderbolt port is not widely used on computers or laptops. For
that, look for an external hard drive that uses USB 3.0 connectivity.

5. Warranty

Warranty is a very important part of the purchase
an item. We will not know whether an external hard drive is used
will last or not. to anticipate things that are not desirable, then
grancy is one of the mandatory things before buying an external hard drive.

Make sure the warranty offered is an official guarantee of the brand's external hard drive and not a shop warranty. Because, the guarantee of an official brand can be justified. Plus, the facilities in its service assistance are far more satisfying. Usually the warranty on an external hard drive is only 1 year. There is also an external hard drive that offers a warranty of more than one year. For this section, it is again adjusted to the budget you are using.

6. Feature

Quality external hard drives have features
additions that can support protection of the data in it. Make sure the hard drive
external you want there is a backup feature or password prottection. Second
this feature is very useful when important data that you save is not
misused by other people. This adds protection to
Your important data.

7. Protector
external hard drive

The next part is the protective part of the external hard drive. This is very important if you often bring this external hard drive to school, campus, office, or other places. Of course, when the hard drive is brought, there will often be friction in the bag or other storage area. This is where you have to make sure the external hard drive protector is resilient, shock resistant, and does not make abrasions. Also, make sure that when you hold the external hard drive protector it doesn't feel slippery, and tightly on the grip. This is to avoid the external hard drive falling easily or easily getting out of hand. It would be much better, if the hard drive protector is made of material that is tightly held in the hand.

That's 7 Tips for Choosing an External Hard Drive before buying it. You can see references to the best external hard drives on various trusted sites. You can also see other references regarding the causes of an illegible external hard drive and how to repair an external hard drive in various other sources. Hopefully this article can provide benefits to readers.


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