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7 Tips for Choosing a Good and Attractive Domain Name

Have you ever clearly remembered the name of the website? The most example
popular like social media names like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
or Youtube. When you remember those names, you are unconsciously
just memorized domain names.

So you can say domain names are the name of the address of the site you are visiting. Generally it always starts with "www" and ends with ".com" even sometimes with the suffix ".id". Well, for those of you who are creating a new website or blog, determining this domain name is very important. To find out what are the considerations that must be done before determining the domain name, see Tips for Choosing the following Domain Names.

1. Use domain names as creatively as possible

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name The first is that you have to use a creative domain name. Basically, domain names are just like the name of a company. Make sure the domain name you choose is creative, easy to remember, easy to find and certainly easy to read. This is very important so that visitors easily find the website that you created.

2. Make sure the name that is carried is easy to type

A combination of domain names
easy to read and easy to type will make it easier for visitors. Therefore,
make sure the two elements are there when making a domain name. If you want to
using the word slang as a domain name, you should not use letters
complicated. Use easy-to-remember spelling.

3. Don't use a long domain name

Long domain names will
makes it difficult for visitors to visit the website you created. Especially if you are
using complicated letter combinations, visitors will be lazy first
to enter the website. Therefore, use a short domain name
at least one word. Make sure the words are very iconic.

4. Use keywords related to the website created.

Steps that are no less important in creating a website. Keywords or also often referred to as these keywords can make it easier for visitors to know your website. This will relate to keyword SEO and maximize the search engine function . If you use a format like a blog, then you can learn how to create an interesting blog for visitors. By maximizing keywords in SEO, your blog or website will be easily found on search engines like Google.

5. Use a fixed brand

This point is actually related
with the fourth point that make sure the website you created is right and not
will be developed again. Because, in the future we will not know whether
the website that we make will still be glimpsed by many people or not. For example
only, you create a website that deals with the sale of equipment
children. However, over time, sales have not
as expected and you want to change your domain name and branding
from the beginning.

Substitution of this domain name
not only destroy the branding that you have built before, but
also affect the keywords that have been built from the beginning. Need you
know that maximizing keywords can appear on the first page
Google is not easy. It can take weeks or even months
only to bring up the name of the website on the main page so that it is easy to find
the visitor. If you change the domain again and have the serach engine already
created, you indirectly demolish your own brand
built for so long.

Therefore, when thinking
a branding, make sure things will be presented consistently and already
thought to mature from the beginning of the making. Don't get it because of a small mistake, you
it fails to make a website known to visitors.

6. It is better not to use trend based domain names

Actually for this part
does not mean that you may not use a trendy domain name at all.
Domain names based on this trend also depend on what content will be
served. If you do create a website that is about things
which is being talked about a lot now, then the use of domain names
Trending can be used. however, if there is a website
for the sale of goods, use the use of the domain name as in
previous points.

7. Conduct a survey of the domain names to be chosen

Before you use
domain name that has been selected, first check whether the domain name
it has been claimed first or not. to be able to find out, you
can type the domain name that was planned on Google. If name
the domain does not appear, we can be sure the name has not been used yet. However,
for higher accurate levels, you can visit the website to check
domain name.

That's 7 tips for choosing a name
a good domain for a website and blog. You can also learn
other references to differences
blogs and web characteristics
interesting blog and how to install
blog templates that attract visitors. Hopefully this article can provide
benefits for all readers.


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