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7 Tips For Cell Phone Batteries Not To Be Damaged Quickly and Be Durable

The strength of the HP battery is very
depends on daily use. If we are able to regulate
the use of HP batteries, the condition of the batteries will not change since
purchase. In fact, the condition can last for the next five years.

Therefore, no matter how large the capacity of the HP battery, but if its use is very bad then it becomes useless. To find out what are the tips for the HP battery not to damage quickly, here are some reviews.

Reduce activity using cellphones after power starts to run out

Some bad habits
the person using the cellphone is still playing it until the battery is completely
used up. These bad habits are certainly very bad impact on performance
HP battery itself. As is well known that the HP battery is currently in
designed to be recharged even though the battery is still present. Different from
a type of old HP battery that didn't have a problem when it was used until

Therefore, when
the battery indicator has reached 20 percent, then we must stop the activity
cellphone use and can be refilled If done habit
this continuously, then the health of the battery can be maintained properly.

2. Do not charge the HP charger in a hot state.

After charging the battery before the battery runs out, Tips for HP Battery Not Damaging Quickly next is the HP cas in a cold condition or the temperature is stable. Don't charge when the HP is hot. Because the temperature of the HP being hot is very bad for the battery itself. Especially when charging takes place, the electrical power connected to the battery can provide heat to the HP. If we do the charging when the condition of the HP is hot then the HP will be easily damaged, even the battery too. If necessary, you can search for Android HP cooler application in various sources.

3. Do not use Charges carelessly

Some thoughts on
our society still assumes that every cellphone charger can be used for
all. Though these thoughts are very wrong and can cause HP batteries
easily damaged. You need to understand that every charger has an output
different. If every different output is not the same as the current
input on the battery, the battery will quickly damage.

Use the original charger
used since purchase. The original charger is no doubt
its authenticity and of course the quality of the battery is maintained. When the charger
original damaged, you should buy a new original charger.

4. Charge the battery until it is completely full

Some people sometimes
unplug the charger when the battery has not reached 100 percent. This bad habit
always happens when he is in a hurry to leave. Well, bad habits
it is certainly very influential on the condition of the battery. If done once in a while,
battery conditions will not experience problems. But if you do
do it too often, then the quality of the battery will really decrease. Consequence
the bad is that batteries can get damaged quickly.

5. Turn off cell phones when charged.

Usually people will
charging cellphone that is still alive. Despite current HP technology
allow charging HP in a state of life does not experience significant problems,
but it would be better if we do the charging when the HP is in
dead state. This is so that the battery can focus on charging
powerlessly used to turn on the HP. Turn off the cellphone when doing cas
can also extend battery life.

6. Do not do activities when the cellphone is being charged

Often use the cellphone when
being charged is also a very bad habit. No hanay
affect the performance of the battery, but also affect
the HP device itself. If you frequently do activities when the HP is on
charged, then the HP will be much hotter. Especially when you play games or
is calling. The result is a battery can explode.

When there is a call
important when the HP is being charged, you should first release the cas process and you
take calls if you feel it's important. Also reduce playing games on cell phones
being charged. You must be able to understand that the charging process includes a part
important in everyday use of mobile phones.

7. Reduce use of Power banks

Power banks basically
is an emergency power supply for mobile phones. so, when you are
is on its way and the HP battery has run out, so use this power bank
to turn on the cellphone for urgent purposes. Even so, no
that means you use the power bank as a standard for charging every day. Because
the flow of electricity in the power bank is not as stable as charging at the outlet
electrical contacts. If you continuously use the power bank in the timeframe
long, the quality of the battery will be easily damaged.
If you really need a good and guaranteed power bank
the quality, try reading about tips
choose power bank on various trusted sites.

Those are 7 tips for batteries
HP is not easily damaged and durable in use. You can also learn some tips
Extend the battery life of Android and ways
repair damaged HP batteries . Hopefully it can provide many benefits.


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