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7 Hidden Features of Samsung Phones that Are Still Seldom Used

The use of Andaroid has now been used by various groups. Starting from children to adults can already enjoy the facilities contained in a smartphone. One of the smartphone manufacturers that is loved by some is Samsung.

This is not surprising because the Samsung Brand is the first smartphone brand to use the Android system. However, although this band is widely used by people, there are still many who do not know the hidden features in it. If you are a smartphone user from Samsung, here is a review of Samsung's Hidden Mobile Features.

1. Slide the contact key to send a message

Hidden feature of the first Samsung mobile phone is that you can send messages to someone only through contacts. Generally when we send a message, we must first enter the messaging application, then write the message and then we contact. However, on Samsung smartphones, especially the Galaxy S4 series, you can send messages faster. The method itself you just enter the contact, then find the number to send the message. After that, slide the contact left or right. If you want to send a message, then just move it to the left. Conversely, if you want to send a message, all you have to do is shift the contact's number to the right.

2. Have Gloves Mode

Generally when using a smartphone, our fingers must not be covered by any object. This is because the system on Android can only detect human skin sensitivity. Uniquely, in this Samsung smartphone, we can still operate it even though we use gloves. The method itself goes to the settings section then adjust the smartphone's sensitivity to be higher. That way, you can use a smartphone by not trimming your gloves.

3. Can do a screenshot with a hand rub

Generally if we want
do screenshots, we have to install certain applications or press
power button and volume down button together. Well, on a smartphone
Samsung You can do screenshots just by wiping your hands only
in the screen section. This feature is very practical for you who are driving
motorcycle or ontel bicycle.

To be able to activate this feature, you must first set it to settings, then enter the Motion and Gesture section or the Palm Motion section. after that, click on the Capture Screen section. This feature is found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 series and Galaxy S series.

4. Easy Mode feature

This feature is generally frequent
found on middle to upper class phones. The function of easy mode
this makes it easier for users who are elderly. Therefore, the icon
even bigger and its operation is very simple. In order to
activate this feature, you enter the settings. Next, replace it
the home screen becomes easy mode. Automatically, when you return to
main menu, the smartphone display has been replaced with the easy mode version.

5. Screen lock feature using fingerprint

For types of high-end smartphones from Samsung, there is a screen lock feature that uses a fingerprint system. This fingerprint system is claimed to have a higher level of security compared to a pattern or pin system. Because, each person's fingerprints are different so that they cannot carelessly break the screen lock that uses this fingerprint system.

To be able to activate this feature, you go to the settings section. After that, look for Lock Screen and Security or go directly to the fingerprints section. In that section, you can directly follow the directions given by the system. At present, only a few Samsung phones have been embedded with this fingerprint system, especially for high-end smartphones.

6. Open two applications at the same time

This feature is very useful
for those of you who want multitasking on an Android. At Samsung
flagship type, there are these features so you can run two
application at the same time on one screen. For now, the type of Samsung Galaxy S
This series has pinned this feature.

To activate the feature
this, enter the settings section. After that, look at the display or
can go to the My Device section. Look for MultiWindow and activate it. If at
activate it, then the cell phone can do multitasking.

7. Smart Stay Features

This one feature is very
useful for you who often look at the screen. This feature will make the screen
The smartphone dims automatically when you don't see it. However,
The smartphone screen will immediately turn on if you look at the screen. In this way,
You don't need to press the power button to turn on the screen.

Those are 7 hidden features
A Samsung cell phone that is rarely known. If you want to try the features
on this Samsung smartphone, try to consider first
first difference
Exynos with Snapdragon advantages
Hisilicon Kirin chipset difference
Amoled IPS and Android screens before buying a Samsung mobile phone. Hopefully the article
this can benefit all readers.


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