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7 Hidden Features of iOS 10 that are Unknown

iOS is
a type
Computer Operating System made by Apple which is quite well known. Since it was launched
about three years ago or rather in 2016, this operating system was in great demand
some consumers, especially for Apple fans.

That is due to many updated features so that many users find it helpful. Plus, there are some hidden features that can help you in maximizing the potential of the iPhone that uses iOS 10. if you want to find out more, here are reviews of Hidden Features of iOS 10.

1. Voicemail Transcription Feature

The first hidden feature of iOS 10 is the existence of a transcript that uses voice messages. This function can be used when someone is sending you a voicemail. When someone sends a voice message, the Iphobe that uses the IOS system 10 will write the contents of the message automatically. To be able to activate this feature, you must touch the voicemail then you can only read the results of the voicemail transcript received. Also read about features-hidden-hp-samsung features-damaged-motherboard-hp how-to-remove-fungus-in-body-metal-hp and good-for-game-hp-processor .

2. Deleting default application

Default application from
sometimes there are mobile phone manufacturers that we have never used. To remove
the default application is sometimes very difficult to do. Fortunately for those of you who
The cellphone is already using iOS 10 because it has this operating system
feature to remove the default application from the manufacturer quite easily.

How to delete it too
quite easy. First you look for which application to delete first.
After finding it, hold it for a long time so that the sign appears
small cross size. After the cross appears, then you
press the cross. The application will automatically be deleted with the data
inside it. However, not all default applications can be removed with
easy so it is quite unfortunate.

3. Option to close all tabs on safari browser

Safari Browser is one of best browsers made by Apple for each of its devices. No exception on Iphone devices. However, on the iPhone that uses the IOS operating system 10 there are secret features in the Safari Browser. This feature allows all tabs to be closed with a single tap. With this feature, you no longer need to be tired of closing tabs one by one. The method is quite easy. You just need to open the tab, then "Close Tab … tab" will appear. These points address the number of tabs opened so that if there are 8 tabs, then all 8 tabs will be closed in one click.

4. Fingerprint feature to unlock

On an iPhone that uses
IOS operating system 10, you can use the screen lock system to use
fingerprint. This is quite sophisticated because in the previous operating system, way
unlocking the screen is the standard way, which is pressing the Home button. How to activate
This feature is that you enter the settings section in the section
Accessibility. After that, press the Home button. Next you activate
Fingerprint function. After the fingerprint feature has been activated, you stay
just post your scanned day.

5. Added back button

A very useful feature
the other for you is the addition of a back button located exactly on
left hand side in the Wi-Fi notification area. The back button is very important when
You open another application but do not want to close the previous application. Example
only when you open the browser application but at the same time you also want to
open the messaging application without closing the browser application, then you just press
just back button and open the messaging application.

6. Activate the camera feature

Usually when we want to open the camera application when the phone is locked, then we can simply slide or rub our finger on the camera icon. However, on an iPhone that uses iOS 10, we cannot find the camera icon when the phone is locked. Even so there are actually shortcuts to enter the camera application when the phone is locked, ie swipe your finger to the right. The camera application will automatically open.

7. Phone notifications when driving

When we are
riding a motorcycle or driving a car and we get a call, then
the thing we usually do is stop then check who is
call. However, in this iOS 10 Operating system, we don't need it
do it again. Because the digital assistant on the Iphone will announce
who called you. This certainly makes us more calm if there is
foreign number calling, then we can ignore it.

To be able to activate
this digital assistant, we enter the settings section. After that, log in to
the Phone section and also enter the Announce Calls section. You just need to activate it
only whether to choose "Always", "Headphones & Car", and "Headphone only" when
a call came in. Once activated, the digital assistant can

Those are 7 hidden features
IOS 10 which is not widely known. You can read other references
regarding Iphone like way
check the IMEI Iphone online from various sources. Hopefully this article
can benefit all readers.


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