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7 Functions of Operating System Software on a Computer

Some people know Android, Apple, Nokia, and others. However, some of them still have not been able to distinguish the name of the operating system and what is the name of a smartphone brand.

Examples are just mentioned earlier. Some people prefer to call a smartphone with android rather than mentioning the smartphone brand. Though it is very clear that Android is one of the operating systems used on smartphones.

Operating systems are software that has "authority" in managing applications and also the running of a process within a computer. In other words, without an operating system, a device cannot run properly. Because, the existence of an operating system is used as a link between software and hardware of a computer. Therefore, the operating system has a very important role in the world of computers.

In addition, the operating system in computers has other important roles as follows.

1. Operate a computer base program

As mentioned before if one of the main functions of an operating system is to be able to operate the computer base. Basically, before an application can be run, the operating system first "checks" whether this application can be run on the device or not. The aim is not to cause a serious impact on the device.

2. Become a regulator of hardware and software

With the existence of this operating system a device has a "leader" in running the system. The operating system guarantees that the hardware and software on the computer can be organized and can be used properly. In addition, with the existence of this operating system, the functions of each hardware device can be used.

3. Application and software placeholders

As mentioned earlier, without an operating system, an application or software cannot be used properly. This can happen because basically all software and applications are "accommodated" in the operating system. If it is likened to food, applications and software are foods that cannot be served without dishes. Well, the plate is this operating system.

4. Setting Display

Do you know? The operating system also regulates the front page of the computer you are using. The operating system is also responsible for changing commands that enter from the CPU device such as the processor to the desired form. For example, when we want to click an image using the mouse. the command from the mouse is received by the processor and operating system that displays the form of the command by displaying the image on the screen.

Plus, the display between the operating systems is different. You will easily distinguish the appearance of the Windows Operating System, the Macos Operating System, and the Linux Operating System. Because each operating system has its own unique feature. Even the difference was seen at boot time.

5. Maximizing computer functions

Computer functions that can now run regularly are also the task of the operating system. Plus the operating system can also maximize the functions that are in the computer so that all of its functions can work optimally.

Examples are just like in the loading process when opening an application or software, then the clock time on a computer that keeps running correct even though the computer has been turned off.

6. Protecting computer programs

Surely you have accidentally deleted a file. But when it will be deleted, a pop-up will appear, the content of which is less "Are you sure you want to delete the file?". Well, this function is one of the advantages in the operating system. The operating system will provide a warning and also a notification to the user if there are actions that are often performed by the user. Another example is the announcement of an application update. That is also the task of the operating system

7. Facilitate commands on computer devices.

Before the existence of an operating system, the way to call a program was very complicated. Many codes must be understood only to open an application or search for a file. Now with the existence of an operating system, the complicated code is changed to be simpler and also easier for the user. For example, if we want to open a browser application, just double-click the browser icon that you want to use, the application can be opened easily.

That is the function of the operating system software on the computer. After we see the operating system functions it can be said that the operating system has a very important role in the operation of computers. Plus, by knowing its function, users also know what the purpose of studying computer operating systems is

With the various operating systems currently available, it is difficult to determine which operating system good for you to use. Because each operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages. This means that it depends on the needs you need. Hopefully this article provides benefits for all.


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