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7 ELEMENTS OF CULTURE Along with Examples + Explanations [LENGKAP]

The term culture you will often find everywhere, including in socio-cultural lessons. You need to know the term culture comes from Sanskrit, namely Buddhaya.

Buddhaya is a plural form of the term buddhi, which has the meaning as something that has a connection with mind and also human reason.

Culture can also be interpreted as something complex, which in it has contained the beliefs, art, law knowledge, customs, morals, as well as other expertise and characteristics produced by a person as a member in a community group.

Elements Culture

Culture also has elements in it, which are divided into 7 parts. Here are 7 cultural elements and examples:

1. Religious Elements

 Cultural Elements

The first cultural element is the religious element. This element is where every human recognizes the existence of God as the most creator, in Indonesia today there are several kinds of religions contained in it and the majority of Indonesian people embrace Islam.

Religion is also an element that must be owned and carried out in everyday life every human being, because if someone does not have a religion or belief, then it can happen that all humans will not live regularly.

That is because they do not have rules that limit them. And we need to know that the function of a religion is to be able to regulate the course of one's life in relation to the Almighty creator.

Examples of religious or religious elements are Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, and others etc.

2. Social System

 element of culture

The social system itself arises because of human consciousness, and deliberately created with the most perfect but still has its own weaknesses or weaknesses and strengths between each person.

This will later useful for organizational activities and will unite because basically everyone is not an individualist creature, because they also still need each other from one another to develop in society.

Examples of elements of the social system is an organization that has been formed by a number of communities to become representatives or groups of people who organize for mutual interests and will also be mutually beneficial.

3. Equipment System

 cultural elements

Equipment systems are intended as an equipment that is often used by everyone to support their daily lives as humans.

In this era or commonly referred to as the era globalization humans really need equipment that can facilitate them when doing any task in their daily lives, this is interpreted to save time and facilitate them in socializing and communicating.

Examples of elements of equipment systems are communication tools for example mobile phones, transportation equipment such as cars and motorbikes and others.

4. Livelihood System

 Elements of Culture are

The livelihood system is a system that can fulfill the needs of human life in their daily lives, this is because every human being has life demands such as clothing, food, consumption, and so on. That is why humans must be prosecuted or required to work in order to survive and also be able to fulfill all their needs every day.

Examples of livelihood systems are teachers, office workers, farmers, laborers, lecturers, entrepreneurs , clothing sellers, etc.

5. Language Systems

 elements of culture

Language systems are a way for someone to be able to communicate with others, there are many languages ​​that exist throughout the world depending on their own culture. And in Indonesia itself there is one language guide namely Indonesian, the language is always used as a language as well as a way to communicate everyday [1945955].

But there are many languages ​​from all kinds of tribes in Indonesia. The languages ​​of various tribes in Indonesia also have many differences, this is what makes Indonesia a unique country because it has a culture of various regional languages.

Examples of elements of language systems are Indonesian, Inddris, Korean, and so forth. Whereas in Indonesia itself, various regional languages, such as Batak language, Javanese, Padang language, Sundanese, Ambonese language, and other regional languages.

6. Knowledge System

 element of culture

Knowledge or science system is something that is very synonymous with human existence, because humans have thoughts and intellect that has been given to each individual from the great creator. Especially in Indonesia itself, all the people are required or required to be able to attend school for up to 9 years, namely in elementary, middle and high school.

This is because they are aware of the importance of science in the development of the era this globalization, and competition for everyone will be even more fierce, especially in terms of the profession and so on.

An example of a knowledge system is that people are required to receive 9 years of education that is suitable for the Indonesian government.

7 . Art

 element of culture

In this life, humanity will certainly never escape the name of art [1945955]. Art is something that is entertaining and can spoil someone's eyes when they see it.

In accordance with the meaning of art, it is an expression of human feelings which in it has elements of beauty and can be expressed with a media that is real, as in the form motion, rupa tone, poem, and can also be felt by the five human senses.

Now, with this art makes every human being can freely express his own expression and creativity in his daily life. And humans will not be able to escape from art because art is part of humanity itself.

Examples of art are music, painting, photography, dance, etc.

Thus the discussion of 7 elements of culture along with for example, hopefully with this article you can easily understand what elements are contained in culture. Examples of these cultural elements have also been explained above so you can better understand them. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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