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7 E-Voting Applications Based on Android

We are currently in the era of the development of computer networks . The era of most daily activities is more dominant using computer systems and internet networks. We can see it all around us or even ourselves. Starting from food ordering, shopping, service, to shipping tasks, most of them use computer systems, especially smartphones.

Due to its practicality, some companies have already
glancing at various facilities that can be done with a computer. Example
service system to people who are now starting to use the system
online rather than having to come directly to the local office. So is
with survey needs. Currently there is also a polling service available
using an online system or the popular term is E-voting.

E-Voting itself stands for Electronic Voting or if translated is electronic voting. The purpose of E-voting itself is the same as voting in general, which is to get samples in conducting surveys both for public and certain circles. The results of the survey will be a reference for further actions from certain circles.

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With the increasingly sophisticated technology nowadays, how to do E-voting does not always have to use a computer. Armed with smartphones and internet networks, we can also do E-voting. The following 7 Android-based E-voting applications are useful for you.

1. Straw

Straw is an application that focuses on doing E-Votting services. The advantages of Straw can be integrated with social media. That way you can more easily send E-voting to friends from your social media. The method is very easy, you just make questions in a column which will later become the main poll.

If you want to add a picture in a poll, Straw gives that facility. If so, we can spread the poll on social media, email, sms, even Whatsapp. If you have a website, you can embed this E-votting in it. In Staw, the duration of voting is also pinned.

2. Global Test Marketing (GMT)

The next application is Global Test Marketing or
abbreviated as GMT. This application is also one of the applications for conducting surveys
which is quite popularly used by various groups, especially for companies.
The way to spread E-voting is by sending an E-voting link
by email. To get this service, make sure you have done it
registration registration first.

3. Google Form

Anyone would know Google. One of the largest and most popular search engines currently also makes an application to conduct surveys. The application is called Google Form. For those of you who already have a Google account, you can immediately use the features in this application.

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Besides the E-voting feature, Google Form can also be used as a registration feature. To be able to do E-voting, you can just make a new sheet and then fill in the E-voting as you wish. After that, you can send it to the people you are headed to just by sending the link. The results of the E-voting can only be seen by the administrator.

4. Poll Everywhere

The Poll Everywhere application is a very simple E-voting application that you can use. The advantage of Poll Everywhere is that we can poll directly in front of the participants when we are presenting. In other words, Poll everywhere is very suitable for you to use while in presentations, seminars, discussions, etc., besides that Poll Everywhere results can be shown in Microsoft PowerPoint.

5. Votter

Votter is the next E-voting application that is more focused on surveys in terms of one's psychology. In this Votter Application, you can make votting which can later determine a person's mental condition. This is very possible even with just choosing the questions you ask.

The categories presented also vary, including politics, fashion, technology, sports, romance, work, and so on. The results of this survey will show answers based on the categories taken, gender, and several other aspects.

6. Wishbone

Like comparing tastes? This application is suitable for you to use. Basically Wishbone is a social network that can display an E-voting to all members in it. You can make a vote more specifically about what tastes the community likes.

There will be around 14 questions related to pop culture around the world. In general, E-voting on Wishbone was merely fun and not suitable for more structured voting.

7. Pyne –Poll The World

wants to get the voting results while discussing with others ?. The Pyne application is perfect for you to use. This application is almost the same as the Wishbone application, which is a social networking application. It's just that you can ask questions in the form of voting while discussing.

Even you can ask even controversial questions. The advantage of using this application is that your mind will be more open with a variety of perspectives.

That's 7 Android-based E-Voting applications that are useful for you. If you want to try making an Android application, you can read the references on Android application maker software without offline coding and also how to make an android studio application . Hopefully it can provide benefits for all.


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