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7 Differences between WordPress and Blogspot, as Considerations for Choosing a Platform

Differences between WordPress and Blogspot – Increasingly developing internet technology, the potential for blogging has also increased, many weblog service providers can be used.

For bloggers, they are already familiar with 2 very large world weblog service providers namely Blogspot and WordPress.

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Blogspot is a sub domain of blogger.com and WordPress is a sub domain of WordPress .com, both of which are both blogging platforms. Even though the blogger already knew that, not a few were still confused about the difference? Isn't it the same?

Certainly not both of them have differences in some ways such as templates, features, hosting, SEO and monotaze. To find out more about WordPress and Blogspot differences, you can listen to the reviews below.

Difference Between WordPress And Blogspot

The reviews in this article will show 7 differences between WordPress and Blogspot which can help you in determining platform choice. You can choose the platform according to your needs and goals for creating a blog. Here are the differences between WordPress and Blogspot that you need to know:

1. Freedom to Change Templates

The striking thing when we use Blogspot is the freedom to easily change the template provided. Because Blogspot has the existence of HTML, so templates can be changed according to user wishes easily. Unlike WordPress, the template presented is patent, if you want to change it, it is also very difficult, only the experts can. However, the templates presented by WordPress are already very good without needing to be changed.

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2. Lots of Additional Features Offered

When discussing the features offered by both platforms, WordPress has advantages over Blogspot. The features offered by WordPress are very many up to hundreds of features, which are presented in the form of plugins. If you want to use a feature, you can just download plugins and then install it. Unlike Blogspot, which has limited HTML features. In the matter of additional features WordPress is indeed superior to Blogspot.

3. Hosting and Capacity

Blogspot provides hosting with unlimited capacity for users, so you don't need to rent hosting on a third party. Unlike WordPress, which provides free hosting but with limited capacity. That causes if you want to change the blog into a TLD domain, then you are charged a fee to buy a domain and rent hosting. Because WordPress must rent hosting on a third party, to fulfill your request.

4. Search Engine Optimize (SEO)

For SEO more or less the same, it does not mean because Blogspot belongs to Google then the SEO is automatically good. WordPress has an SEO plugin for additional features, which can be used to check SEO SEO content directly. If you are not curious, you can immediately try it, type in a keyword, then see the search results of Google search, the top article belongs to what platform? Rather than just curious just try it.

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5. Adwords Monotize Ease

What is the purpose of monotizeAdwords? The goal is to get multiple benefits from your blog, you can channel hobbies while earning money. For this reason Blogspot is superior, because Adwords is a feature of Google, and Blogspot also belongs to Google. So that when you create a blog you can immediately activate Google Adwords. This is different from WordPress which must be upgraded in advance in order to enable Google Adwords. Then you can get money from Google if someone clicks on the ad that appears on your blog.

6. Admin Editor Display

If this one thing is related to taste, because every blogger has their own taste about an appearance. For problems displaying WordPress does look more cool than Blogspot, which seems so-so. But it seems that Blogspot has now done improv e ment here and there, to make the editor's appearance better.

7. Making "More" in Articles

Display "More" referred to here is, "more commonly appear when an article is too long, and to continue we can click" more ". On WordPress making "more" is very easy, just click on iconmore in the section that will be disconnected, it will automatically appear "more". In contrast to Blogspot, which has to tamper with complicated code, certain beginners will experience difficulties.

By looking at articles about the differences between WordPress and Blogspot, the conclusion is that each platform has its own characteristics. All depends on you as a service user who wants to use the platform.

Ok maybe the article The difference between WordPress and Blogspot is enough. Actually, if discussed thoroughly, there are still many differences. On another occasion it will be discussed again. Next to determine the weblog platform I submit again to you.

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Hopefully this article is useful and will meet again in other cool and interesting articles. Greetings of success are always …

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