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7 CULTURE ELEMENTS: Example & Explanation [LENGKAP]

Indonesia is a country that has such an extraordinary cultural diversity. As a smart nation, we must be able to understand the meaning of culture.

The term culture comes from the word " culture" which is a term from a foreign language that has cultural meaning. [1945900] which originates from the Latin word " Colere " which means to adapt or behave.

Whereas according to KBBI (Indonesian Dictionary), culture is a thought, reason or there customs. In language. the meaning of culture is intended from a cultural word which leads to human thinking.

Cultural Elements

Culture also has elements in it, which are divided into 7 elements. The following are the 7 elements of culture and their examples.

1. Customs

  cultural elements

The growing culture of culture can still be found and endured for cultural development. In a unique and good habit developed in the community which would become a social force sutau.

For example, like how in Bali as one of the tourist destinations in the world, with various forms in its culture and foreign culture join in fulfilling in Bali, nor has it ever eliminated the habits of customs since long ago in Bali. Likewise, vice versa customs become a force by their adherents.

2. Family

 cultural elements

The family has become an important cultural element because the family is the smallest union of the community. Everything starts in a family. The family element is a reflection of how the character, behavior, character, and character of each individual are formed.

For example, in a state a family has primodial traits that can affect the nature of the offspring. Whereas in modern families, it can affect parenting to children, affecting the way of looking at the world.

3. Religious system or belief system

 cultural elements

In this element the element is very important for humans, because once in a while humans have a problem in their life that is difficult to deal with so it can make no sense. The example in this element is that in Islamic religion worshiping in mosques, Christianity and also Catholicism always worshiping in the Church, Hinduism worshiping in the temple.

4. Social System

 cultural elements

In community life, the kinship system becomes a form of regulation which inevitably must be followed because it has upheld social values. The example in this element, for example in the spatial social system in Indonesia, is a patriarchal system and still continues to be lasting in the core order, namely the function of a family.

5. Knowledge System

 cultural elements [1945-1953] </p>
<p> Knowledge systems have a function as a form of fulfilling one's curiosity towards a science. A person is able to fulfill the necessity of living through a knowledge system. </p>
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<p> The example in this element is like the existence of an Educational Institution that starts from Kindergarten (Elementary School), Elementary School (Elementary School), Middle School (Junior High School), High school (high school), even to higher education institutions that support various abilities of mindset and reason. </p>
<h3><span class= 5. Art

 cultural elements

Other cultural elements that are in matters relating to art, art can be interpreted as an expression of beauty that has developed along with the times, in a work of art often a message might be conveyed.

The example in this element is in the worship of God, generally in conjunction with the beautiful chant followed by sacred dances. Music and dance are also examples of elements of artistic culture.

6. Systems Engineering and Technology (Advanced Technology Progress)

 cultural elements

Technology that has been described in terms of culture is how technology can evolve from a traditional technology to modern technology developing along with development culture throughout the ages.

Examples in this element, for example, on a house that was made as a place to take refuge in humans which continued to experience a revolution from time to time, therefore the technology system continued to grow. Starting from the revolution of materials to form a house to the workforce that is done by a technology that is current in the present.

7. Political System (Influence of Power)

 Cultural elements [1945959] </p>
<p> In the political system it has become an element of culture that has developed since ancient times. In the Greek era, the political system has become a culture that has a very large influence on life. </p>
<p> The example in this element is like making it very bad is blind to politics. In the sense that a political culture exists when a person is first born into the world, politics has taken place during the first cry of a baby. [1945908] was formed a politics [1945-1917] there, Formed an influence, and also included a power system. </p>
<p> In addition, there are also cultural elements according to experts. The following are cultural elements according to experts: </p>
<h4><span class= a. Melville J. Herkovits

Melville J. Herkovitas says culture has four main elements, namely, elements of the family, economic systems, technological tools and political power.

b. Bronislaw Malinowski

Bronislaw Malinowski states that culture has 4 main elements, but is slightly different in Melville J. Herkovits, namely the existence of a norm system on social which requires cooperation among members to be able to place themselves in nature those in the vicinity, economic organizations, tools with institutions or personnel for education [thefamilywhichisthemostimportanteducationalinstitution)andthepowerorganizationnamelypolitics

c. Kluckohn

Kluckohn has expressed the opinion of 7 elements of culture or culture that are universal in nature, namely knowledge systems, religious systems, arts systems, social systems, equipment technology systems, languages, and livelihood systems.

Thus, concerning on 7 Cultural elements along with explanations and examples. Hopefully this article can be a guideline or reference in the science you are looking for.


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