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7 Benefits of Computer Development in Everyday Life

The development of technology and information continues to progress. The various technologies that we currently feel do not occur in the blink of an eye. If you look at the history of the development of computer networks it can be concluded that the time needed to be like this is not small.

If you have ever experienced traditional communication technologies such as sending a letter, you will feel the difference with the times now. Before SMS and instant messaging were used, ancient people used letters to communicate with relatives or family members who lived very far away.

Likewise with electronic devices such as computers. Before computers became popular tools, typewriters became the prima donna for typing at that time. However, are the benefits of a computer just for typing? Of course not. The following are the benefits of computer development in everyday life.

1. Speeding up work

As mentioned earlier, The benefits of computers in industry were substitutes for typewriters. In the past, when we wanted to type in a place, we had to carry a typewriter with a heavy weight. In addition, if we are typed wrong, we will have to replace the new paper. If you can't bring a typewriter, handwriting is the solution. However, each person's handwriting is different and certainly not everyone can read the article.

With the development of computers, we don't need to be difficult in typing. When writing is wrong, we do not need to replace the paper while typing has not been printed. We can edit it first until the writing is completely ready for printing. If you want to be taken, now the size of the computer is smaller and lighter so it is easy to carry everywhere.

2. Alternative communication tools

If computers were only used as a means of confirmation, now computers can also be used as alternative tools for communication. This is inseparable from the development of communication too. With the proliferation of social media, this also affects computers. Maybe there are still those who remember or have experienced chatting in the days of Yahoo Messenger, Friendster, Facebook, etc.

Over time, social media is now more widely installed on smartphones. Even so, for computers there are still other media to communicate like Skype for example.

3. Educational facilities

Some schools include computer lessons to be learned by students. It aims to increase knowledge to students when they are involved in later employment. Even though this is no longer relevant today, some tests have used computer technology. What does it mean? Indirectly, students will be "familiarized" with computer devices.

Then what is the role of technology in education for children today? We should be grateful for the development of the internet. Because, now students can get additional information from cyberspace. Now there are websites that have content that is similar to online tutoring. This certainly helps students to better understand a lesson.

4. Business opening facilities

Now people can open businesses only with computers and only a few other supporters. Businesses such as internet cafes, printing, computer rentals still exist today, especially for students. Besides that, for those of you who want to do business you can also do it such as online stores, online freelancers, etc.

5. Alternative Entertainment

Computers are also familiar with multimedia that is quite complete. If in the past we wanted to enjoy entertainment media separately such as game consoles, MP3 players, televisions, radios, and VCD / DVD players, then all of these media can be enjoyed only on one device, namely a computer.

That is not to mention the added internet access that adds to the list of entertainment that can be done by computers. Although this can now be done on smartphones, but until the computer is more comfortable and also more comfortable in enjoying entertainment.

6. Media for creating creator content

Have you ever seen a picture or a video that was made as interesting and funny as possible? it cannot be separated from the application on the computer. Applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Video Editor, Adobe Premier, and some free software for editing other videos can be learned simply by looking at the tutorial on the internet. Can be through videos and articles that have spread widely on the internet. Therefore, it is not surprising if there are creators of creators like Youtuber, Vloger, Blogger, and so on.

7. More and more new programmers

The ease of internet access and also the development of computers now causes people to get the benefits of studying computer science, especially being a programmer. If you had to go through the world of lectures or courses to study it, now there are many websites, videos and forums that make it easier for someone to learn how to become a programmer.

Those are 7 benefits of computer development in everyday life. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.


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