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7 Android Camera Applications That Make Your Camera More Classy

The camera is a very important thing from a smartphone today. Because a good camera capture will make your photo cool and attractive. However, smartphones that have the best cameras only exist among flagship smartphones.

What we know about these smartphones is not cheap, even the price is exorbitant. For that reason, we as ordinary Android users must be able to filter out any applications that can make our photos no less classy than people who have flagship smartphones.

Therefore, here are 7 android camera applications that can make cameras you become more classy.

1. Candy Camera

 Candy Cam

Image: Idea Digezt

With this camera application, you can feel a variety of very interesting features. You can add a touch of style to your photos and also this application has provided a variety of filter options that you can use to complete your photos, such as frames and stickers.

And actually this application is intended for those of you who prefer taking selfies. Because the features provided in this application are face slimming effects, make up tools, filters, and other features that will make your selfies look attractive.

So this application will turn your smartphone camera into a flagship mobile camera. [19659002] You also only need to slide your finger on the screen to see and replace the filters provided. You don't need to take a photo first to see if the filter is good when used.

And if you feel the filter is not suitable, you can also change the filter when you take a photo. You can also add various types of frames and filters after processing to decorate photos.

2. Z Camera

 Z camera

Image: AndroidGuys

Z Camera is one of the camera applications that is the favorite of Android users.

Because this application has become an application used by more than 200 countries in the world. Users who have installed this application are more than 100,000,000 people.

Some interesting features, this application can quickly adjust the shape of your face and eyes, smooth and brighten the skin perfectly and there is also a magic effect that moves including filters and augmented reality stickers.

Guaranteed when you use this camera application, your camera becomes very cool.

3. Kuji Cam

 Kuji cam

Image: Geek Publicitário

The Kuji Cam camera application is more suitable for those of you who want to take pictures with a special background, because this application offers some very interesting features for those of you who like it take photos with the background .

Because by using this application you can produce photos with a vintage touch and cool effects.

Some of the advantages of this application are random light leak filters, film dust, 3D effect, Vintage and Black & White.

4. Tilt-Shift Camera

 Tilt-Shift Filter

Image: Aptoide

If you are happy to capture photos in the form of toys, miniature, action figures and want to capture small objects that will be your focus, you must download this application .

Because this application can capture high-quality photos. The main features of this application such as High quality Tilt-Shift Filters, color adjustments, adjustable focus area and Different focus area types (linear / round).

This camera application will make your phone more easily capture focus on an object that want in the photo. And your photo will look more classy.

5. B612


Image: The Android Soul

This application used to be popular from 2014 to 2015. That way, you don't need to hesitate to download this application, because this application has many features that make the camera you become more interactive and certainly beautiful.

Using this application you get several things, there are more than 1,500 stickers available to complete your action when taking pictures, beauty effects that make you more fresh when taking pictures, the skin looks smoother, you can choose the face shape according to your wishes with a slider, a filter that has high quality for you when taking selfies, scenery, food and with various situations.

6. Huji Cam

 Huji cam

Image: apk.support

Well, this application is suitable for those of you who like analog cameras. So you don't need to buy an analog camera just to get the same effect, you just have to download the Huji Cam application.

By using this application you can turn your smartphone camera into an analog camera. With effects like this analog camera, you will feel like in the 1990s.

Now, photos with the concept of analog cameras are really happening, so you just have to download this application. The resulting photo feels more real and like old memories that are not easily forgotten.

7. VSCO Cam

 VSCO cam

Image: vsco.co

Not only being a photo editor, VSCO Cam also has camera features that look very aesthetic when used. This application includes camera applications that are very popular among Instagrammers.

The features that are the mainstay of this application are VSCO grid and VSCO superior presets. Many filter options are also available in this application.

And the new features that VSCO Cam has added are like Kodak Portra 400 (KP4), Kodak Portra 160 (KP1), Kodak Ektar 100 (KE1), Kodak Tri-X (KX4), Fuji Pro 400H (FP4) and much more.

These are some camera applications that you can download to fulfill your physical activity to be more interesting and can make your smartphone camera even better.


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