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6 ways to unlock the newest Forgotten HP patterns 2019 (all brands)

Since the days of the famous Android, smartphones have used passwords, PINs, or (patterns) to lock smartphones while in use.

Maintaining smartphone security is certainly a necessity so that no one can open or break through the contents of your smartphone that is secret. As a smart phone device, of course the smartphone already has its own security system.

This is useful to prevent the occurrence of data misuse if your android phone is lost stolen or found by others.

Screen lock feature uses pattern, password and PIN, so data misuse is not easy. But, what happens if at any time you forget your own smartphone password?

How to Open a Forgotten HP Pattern

Various brands or types of smartphones certainly have security features to protect the privacy of the user, such as Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo , Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and several other brands. In order to overcome the problem of forgetting the password on an Android smartphone or tablet that is locked you can do the following ways.

1. Using the Forgot Password Feature

You can use the Forgot Password feature after making a number of mistakes when unlocking the cellphone.

1. Make sure you have logged in to a Google or Gmail account on your smartphone.

2. Then tab on Forgot Password

3. Then enter your Google account username and password, then click Sign In .

2. Using Android Device Manager (ADM)

1. Open websie Android Device Manager you can click here

 how to open a cellphone pattern that forgot to use adm

2. Make sure you log in using the same Google account on your smartphone.

3. Then there will be 3 choices, namely Play Sound, Secure the Device, and Delete .

4. Then select Secure Device you can change the password on your smartphone.  select the secure device menu to change the password

5. Then you will be asked to enter a new password, then enter the password confirmation, then click Lock.

6. Then enter the new password on your smartphone.

3. Make Lockscreen Crash

1. If your smartphone password cannot be accessed, you can use Emergency Call or . See the example in the picture.  how to unlock forgotten cellphone patterns with emergency calls

2. Then type the sign * on the dialer until the character is full and cannot be added anymore, then copy the mark * earlier See the example in the picture.  enter sign * until full

3. Then open Camera access on the lockscreen. See the example in the picture.  open the camera on the lockscreen

4. And drag the notification bar to open Settings . See the example in the picture.  how to open a forgotten cell phone pattern on the notification bar

5. Then paste the * sign that you copied earlier.  paste the * sign

4. Using ADB

1. First, connect the HP to the computer, then enter the command adb devices .

2. Then you can enter the command adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key. Then press Enter.

3. Then reboot your Android smartphone and your lockscreen will disappear. Make a password change immediately, because this process is only temporary.

5. Using Android Safe Mode

For this method, there are usually errors in the password pattern caused by a third-party application, to enter safe mode, depending on the type of smartphone you are using.

The method is relatively easy, after entering into ] safe mode All you have to do is deactivate the password pattern from a third party.

1. First, do a way to turn off your smartphone, so the option appears Power off . See the example in the picture.  turn off the cellphone until the power off option appears

2. Then tap and hold the option Power off until the option appears Reboot to Safe Mode. Select OK to continue the process.

3. The smartphone will restart and enter Safe Mode. Here you can uninstall the third-party lockscreen application and return to normal mode by restarting.

Keep in mind that this method can only be used if you have used a smartphone locking application before.

6. Factory Reset

If all of these methods do not work, then one of your choices is just doing a Factory Reset.

1. First, turn off your Android phone first.

2. Then you must enter into Recovery Mode by pressing the Power and Volume Down keys together and hold. This method can differ depending on the brand of cellphone.

3. After that you will enter Recovery Mode. Use the volume buttons to move the selection. Then select Wipe Data / Factory Reset then press the power button. When the process is complete, please select Reboot system now .


Well, Those are some ways to unlock the HP pattern, PIN or Password that I can share on this occasion. Of the several ways above, basically the password or password on any system is a way to recover it.

If the above methods do not work, before deciding to reset your smartphone again, of course it is better if you first take it to your smartphone Service Center for safer handling. Good luck and Thank you.


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