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6 Ways to Repair a Frog's Charger that doesn't Charge and Damage

Have you ever been
using a frog charger? One charger is not exactly the same shape
with a frog. However, this charger is called a frog because it has a shape
as big as a frog. If you were a mobile user around early 2009,
it's usually familiar with this one charger.

This charger system works
quite unique because it is not like the charger cable commonly used on mobile phones
and smartphones in general. In this toad cahrger, a cellphone battery should be
removed and we put its position on this charger. However, sometimes
This charger can be damaged which certainly makes us a hassle
made it. If you want to know how to repair this charger, here

Tools and materials

Surely you must
prepare some of the tools needed before repairing it. Tools
among others, flower-shaped screwdrivers, and solder. How to fix it
you can see below.

Cable break

  1. The first thing to do is unload first
    first use a screwdriver chasing charger. In general, the bolt on the charger
    toad has 4 pieces.
  2. After dismantling, the next is to check first
    first if there are broken cables or there are some annoying dirt
    power supply.
  3. If you find a broken cable, then you can
    that is certainly the cause of the charger being damaged.
  4. To repair it is also quite easy, after you
    has a soldering tool, so you can easily "unite" the charger cable
    that broke up earlier.
  5. Just solder it to the broken cable
    the cables are completely fused.
  6. After soldering, close the charger again
    and put the bolt back in.
  7. Try again to do the charging. If at the moment
    the charging was successful, then you could say that was the source of the problem.


  1. First open the charger casing using a screwdriver. For
    this section is the same as the first point above.
  2. After that, open some electrical components of the charger
    with care.
  3. If so, next is to clean up some dust
    or other kototan attached to the electrical components of the charger.
  4. How to clean it yourself is to use a brush or
    brush with soft edges. This is intended to reduce the occurrence
    damage when using a rough brush.
  5. Make sure when cleaning is done in a way
    slowly but directed so that the dirt can be lifted.
  6. After some of the dirt is not attached to
    electrical components, then the next is put back as before and
    try it.
  7. If the charger can be used again, then
    charger problem has been resolved.

Other charger damage factors

  • Damaged electrical components

Could be electrical components
that is in the frog charger suffered a fairly severe damage. Damage
this can happen due to several factors. first is burning because
the difference in the electric current received, secondly, could be due to the transistor on
the AC matic regulator section has a total damage or break up.

If the damage occurs in
electrical components, then we just replace it with components
new electricity. Generally, we can get it at various supply stores
electricity in each area. Usually the electrical component is on
a frog charger is always there.

  • Connector to the socket is loose

Other factors that can
only affect the frog charger is the connector is loose
so there is no electricity flow. This can happen because
charger too often on the same plug continuously.
To fix this problem we have to replace the connector with the type
new connector.

  • The coupling resistor is scorched

The next factor is
the existence of a coupling resistor that has a fire. These fires can occur
because it takes too long to do so it makes a lot of components
receive too much heat. To be able to overcome this, how
is to replace the burnt resistor with a new resistor.

  • There is damage to the transformer

Another cause is
possible damage to the regulator transformer. Generally, if a diode
rectifier after the regulator transformer breaks, then the charger can not
used as it should. To overcome this, you only need
Reattach as in broken cable points. Usually
the method used is not much different.

Those are some ways to repair a frog charger that cannot charge easily. If you have done all the actions and still does not turn on, you should prefer to replace the old frog charger with a new frog charger. If you need another battery supply device such as a power bank, you should learn tips on choosing a good and quality Power Bank . Also learn how to make your Android battery last as well as how to extend the life of your android battery as one of your trusted references. Hopefully it can provide many benefits for you and other readers.


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