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6 Ways to Keep Kids Successful Saving

How to teach educate and train children to be successful saving. Children are usually difficult to save. As a parent you certainly want to have a child who likes to save money. but all of these things will not be done if parents do not provide disciplined discipline in terms of saving. In order for children to save according to expectations at least there are 6 things that must be considered then what are the things let's see the following review

how to save children successfully

1 design for saving

first of all you can teach it save through piggy bank. or a place where it can to be a savings. naun in this modern era we can save through bank. Encourage the child to save by opening a bank account in his name. Choose a bank that is easily accessible from home or from school / place tutoring it so there is no reason for him to lazy to go to the bank. So there is no reason for him to lazy to go to the bank.

2 choose a bank that gives a passbook.

Choose a bank that gives a passbook instead of a monthly report. So the child can see the chronology of deposits and withdrawals that happened. It is very important that children also need to see all the activities of transactions that happened to him no matter how small

3 do not directly make an ATM card for children

Do not immediately make ATM cards for children ATM cards make it easy for children to take savings money so that the package amount of savings is often not achieved even savings are often depleted. For small children he is not yet ready and ready to use ATM card. He needs to learn to know and understand how to use money properly using manual methods before switching to electronic systems.

But for teenagers after he feels he is capable and understand how to use money well yes must be introduced the benefits of ATM cards. For teenagers because the amount of allowance and other needs is very big to eat better when he has an ATM card than carrying large amount of money that is full of risk

4 make saving as a routine activity

Every child receives an allowance teach him to immediately save some of his allowance. In order to be more motivated, invite you to imagine the desired item that may be able to have just by saving such as roller skates and other handphones.

5 Draw some money to save.

Draw some money to save not an excessive amount of allowance. Many assume that savings can only increase when there is excess or remaining money. From now on change a tradition like that. Teach children that the money to be collected should be budgeted in advance so that the remaining money from the savings can be used for everyday purposes

6 make saving as a fun activity

If you have spare time try you can deliver the child to the bank to save. Take time along the journey and talk about fun things with him. Choosing a safe and comfortable bank and a busy hour of visiting helps make saving a fun activity.


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