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6 Ways to Clean 3D Popsocket on Android

The use of smartphones in
the whole world is very much already. This can happen because of several
factor. ranging from trend factors to functions that are considered very
beneficial for everyday life. This also makes many manufacturers
make accessories as decorations or even have certain functions. One of
Smartphone accessories that are often used are Popsocket 3D.

Many people are
use this 3D popsocket as a smartphone buffer or as a handle
so that smartphones don't fall easily. However, because of its frequent use
done make this popsocket dirty and not infrequently make an appearance
Smatphone is getting worse. So that Popsocket is always clean and free from
dirt, the following ways to clean it.

1. Toothbrush

Maybe some of you don't
thought that toothbrushes were often used to clean our teeth
can also be used to clean 3D popsocket. The way to clean it
also quite easy. First prepare a toothbrush that is not
used with a little toothpaste. After that, first remove the popsocket
The 3D is played or pulled. Then, rub on the 3D popsocket
slowly. This is so the design on Popsocket is not easy
peeled off. After the droppings are felt to have been lifted, next is washing
with clean water. Dry the popsocket in the sun or use a towel. After
dry, put it back on the smartphone and popsocket is clean again.

2. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil can also be
used to clean 3D popsocket safely. Basically, oil
eucalyptus can be used to clean some other computer equipment.
For example, just like method
clean sticky laptop case way
clean the keyboard and also way
clean the laptop screen with eucalyptus oil .

How to use it is
first prepare eucalyptus oil and also cotton or tissue. After
that, remove the 3D popsocket so that the oil marks don't drip on
smartphone. If so, next is to pour eucalyptus oil on the tissue
or just enough cotton provided. then rub it on
Popsocket slowly so that the color is not easy to peel. Rub until
the poop was completely lifted all up. After that, use dry tissue
or dry cotton to wipe oil on popsocket. After that, install it
returned to the smartphone and now Popsocket has been cleaned.

3. Baby oil

If you don't like it
with the aroma of eucalyptus oil, then you can replace it with a baby
oil. Baby oil has a distinctive aroma that is generally very soothing as well
a lot of fun. For its own way is actually not much different from oil
eucalyptus. You can review the previous points about wood oil

4. Disinfectants

Disinfectants can be
alternative tool that you can use to clean 3D popsocket. The way
yourself need to be careful if you do it while still popsocket
stick to a smartphone. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you more
first remove the popsocket on the smartphone when it will be cleaned.

First prepare
used spray and disinfectant just to taste. after that, input
disinfecting liquid in a spray bottle that has been prepared previously.
Then, first remove the popsocket. After being released, spray
disinfectant fluid was as much as 1 to two sprays only. then, take it
dry cloth or dry tissue to wipe the sprayed popsocket
previous. Make sure you wipe it completely dry. After dry,
re-apply to smartphone.

5. Bleach

If you do not have
deinfectant fluids or trouble finding it, then you can use fluids
bleach to clean dirt on popsocket. For his own way no
much different from the previous point regarding the discussion of disinfectants. You can
look again at ways such as disinfectant points.

6. Washing soap

The next method is
using washing soap used to clean clothes. Laundry detergent
this can be used as a substitute if you don't have bleach or
disinfecting liquid. To use this washing soap, there are two steps you can
done ie using a spray or directly dipped in a box

To use a spray,
the method itself is not much different from the fourth and fifth points. While
if you want to dip it, then the way is to prepare enough washing soap.
prepare a small basin which also contains enough ordinary water. Put soap
wash that has been prepared earlier into a small basin that already contains water. Kucek
briefly so that the soap and water mix well. After that, release
popsocket and put into the basin earlier. After that, clean the popsocket
in the liquid until it's completely clean. If it's clean, dry it
by using a towel to dry completely.

That's 6 ways to clean
Popsocket 3D on Android is easy to do. You can also follow
some other references regarding ways
cleaning dirty colored HP cases and also ways
removes mold in HP metal body . Hope you can give a lot


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