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6 Ways That Your Android Phone Doesn't Lose When Playing a Game, Has It Been Tried?

If you are a gamers, it is definitely the most annoying thing when you play a game that is a mobile that is slow or slacking. Indeed, at first when you bought a cellphone, the cellphone found no problems when you were playing a game.

But over time, surely the cellphone will feel very slow for running game applications . In fact, many cases of mobile phones have lagged or broken while playing the game.

This is very reasonable, because as time goes on, more applications and other applications are installed on your mobile.

Well, there are many applications -Application is moreover the game application, will consume a lot of RAM and also leave a lot of cache so as to make the performance of your mobile phone according to.

How To Make Your Android HP Not Slow When Playing Game

Therefore, to prevent your cellphone from slowing down playing games, you must use the methods below. And you don't need to worry because the methods below are quite easy and not complicated.

1. Clean Application Cache


Image: Android Tips and Tricks

Cache is a file that was intentionally created to store semestara data on your mobile. This cache serves to help speed up loading on a page or to speed up data transfer performance in an application.

Well, almost all applications on your smartphone cache for various purposes. But sometimes there are applications that cannot run normally due to the old cache. Therefore, we need to delete the old cache. we can delete it manually, namely:

  • First you have to open the menu.
  • Then open the menu .
  • And then you can choose one the application contained in the menu.
  • Finally you can immediately delete the cache in the application by clicking the Clear Cache button.

If you have cleared the cache data like above, surely you already immediately feel the application is a little lighter when you open it from the beginning.

Besides being able to handle the cellphone so it doesn't slow down, you also don't need to worry. Because deleting cache data will not delete preferences, personal data, and others that exist in the application.

2. Using the Special Application

 clean master

Image: PusatTekno.com

If you don't want to bother or don't want to clean the cache data manually as above, you can use a special application. This special application is able to clear cache data, delete unused applications, to turn off applications that make your Android anroid become slow and hot fast .

More interestingly, you can download it via the Play Store for free. The recommended application is that you can use the Clean Master application.

This application has been proven to be able to clean junk files, can turn off applications that will make your mobile become slow and can make RAM more relieved.

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With this application you also don't have to bother cleaning up useless data. You can delete it with just one click.

3. Always Update Your Game


Image: Jalan Tikus

You can update your game application to the latest version to overcome so that when playing your mobile game it is not slow. If you don't update it to the latest version, chances are that your game will experience lag.

Because the old version is no longer available to play. And it will result in your game being blocked. You can update it on Google Play Games, and you should check the latest version of the game frequently.

4. Closing the Application that is Active

 closes the application


One of the things that is often a problem and causes mobile phones to slip while playing games is the number of applications that are open on mobile phones. This will make your cellphone feel slow and very heavy, because many applications are used simultaneously.

The number of applications used will consume a lot of RAM on your cellphone. Not only does it consume a lot of RAM, the applications will also make your cellphone's battery run out quickly. Until you make the performance on your Android mobile phone weaker.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not open many applications. You should close all these applications when you play the game. Then it will lighten your cellphone's performance and can help smooth when you play the game.

5. Restart Your Game


Image: Satriyadi

Your mobile is still slacking even though you have done the above steps? If so, then you have to restart the game you are playing.

By restarting the Android phone, you can lighten the performance of the cellphone while playing games. If you have restarted the game, it is recommended that you leave it for 10 minutes.

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Let your cellphone rest for a while until your cellphone is normal back. And if you feel enough, then you can go back to playing the game. This method is also useful so that your Android phone is not slow while playing games.

6. Deleting Applications That Are Not Used Again

 removing applications

Image: Tribunnews

Surely you have assumed that applications that are not used anymore will not be a problem for your cellphone, so you just leave it.

it's true, but you have to delete apps that are no longer used on your mobile so that your cellphone doesn't slip when playing games.

How to delete or uninstall it is also quite easy, namely:

  • First you enter the Settings menu .
  • Then in the Settings menu , you can go back to the menu.
  • Then you can search for the application you want to delete.
  • If you have found it, then you just press the Uninstall button. 19659016] But before you delete the application, make sure there is no data stored in the application such as your document, ebook and game data. if there is, then you must back up first.

    So, you can use it in the future. And also by deleting the application, the storage space on your cellphone will be a little relieved.

    That's how to make the Android cellphone not slow when playing games, you can do the above methods and good luck!


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