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6 Usability & Function of Algorithms in Programming (Complete)

In the world of programming it is closely related to the term algorithm. As people who work in the IT world or programmers should understand this algorithm first before starting to apply it to work or hobbies daily.

For those of you who are just learning, there is no harm in listening to this article as we review it. Because in essence the algorithm is not only about programming and mathematics but also exists and is almost always applied in daily life.

The simplest example is when cooking the first thing to do is prepare the tools and ingredients, then start cooking each step is done one by one such as peeling onions, frying, etc., and finally the finished dishes are served to be enjoyed. This is one form of algorithm so that it becomes the basis for programmers and those engaged in IT. For those who feel curious, you can directly listen to the article we review below:

Function of Algorithms and Explanation

 Function of Algorithms

Algorithms can be defined as a sequence used to solve problems or do something systematically. So the purpose of the cooking process which is the application of the algorithm is when it is done in sequence, because if it is reversed or the order is moved then the purpose of cooking activities will not be achieved.

Basically scientific algorithms can be found in the life of mathematics and programmers . In contrast to algorithms in mathematics which are classified as complex, programming algorithms are very basic and are used as the main step for programmers in producing programs or applications. The algorithm is divided into two categories, namely through writing (pseudocode) and through pictures or diagrams (flowcharts). These two things become very vital things and must be prepared carefully before starting coding or working on the code. But in reality this thing is often trivialized so that the results are not in line with expectations.

One of the biggest challenges and most often faced by programmers is when the algorithm or logic that is made must be implemented into scripts or code according to the language used. One way to deal with it is to understand the function of the algorithm itself. The function of the algorithm and its explanation will be discussed in more depth below:

1. Solve complex problems

 Can be used repeatedly

The more complicated the program to be created, of course also has the opportunity to produce more and more complicated problems. But as complex as any problems that come if you initially apply the right algorithm will definitely be resolved too. Because the process of finding problems is done in sequence and structured.

2. Make the program simpler

In one program or application there will certainly be many functions which are then arranged into one main function. The use of the algorithm here plays a very important role because it can arrange all functions in order to create one overall function in the resulting program.

3. Can be used repeatedly

 Solve complex problems

In the world of programming it is usual that the existence of languages, tools and frameworks is always updated and improved. This was done by developers in order to keep abreast of increasingly sophisticated times, including in the IT field.

But you don't need to worry too much because the logic of programming isn't going to be updated so it can be used more than once if indeed the background of the program is the same. Different languages ​​and tools only need to follow a predetermined algorithm.

4. Able to tidy up the resulting program

The use of an inappropriate algorithm will make the program less tidy because of its messy arrangement. The use of the right algorithm will make the program flow more orderly and structured so that it makes it easy for other programmers to learn it even though it does not participate in the manufacturing process. . The creation of this framework is also based on the importance of using algorithms in programming

5. Easily find errors

 Easily find errors

In making any program or application it is bound to encounter errors, this is natural and is most often encountered. The most troublesome thing is when the program is almost ready but an error occurs, certainly checking will take longer because it is done thoroughly. There may be information about errors and their causes that appear when the program is run, but still without a strong foundation the repair process also becomes more difficult

Using the right algorithm makes the program neatly organized so that the process of finding problems is also easier. Coupled with additional features on the tools used.

6. Easy in documentation

Programmers will benefit more when documenting their programs because of the use of appropriate algorithms. The use of logic or algorithm is not bound by the programming language so that the resulting output will not be different even though the tools and language are different. This simple output will facilitate the documentation process.

By understanding the function of the algorithm above, it is hoped that the reader can better understand the basics of programming first before starting to plunge into the world of programmers or IT . Basically the script or code can be found on all sites on the internet but this does not apply if you want to find the right programming logic. Each application must be made based on a study of different problems – although the output often looks the same.


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