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6 Tips on Choosing the Best Hosting with Friendly Prices + Promo Code

 Tips for Choosing the Best Hosting

As we know there are 2 important components that we need to pay attention to when wanting to create a website, the first is the domain and the second is hosting.

Domains can be likened to the address name of a website, for example Nesabamedia.com. The Nesabamedia.com domain name is actually an IP address, e.g. Of course visitors are very difficult to memorize IP address of a website, therefore a domain is used to facilitate visitors to memorize the name / address of a website.

Whereas hosting itself is, a place used for accommodate our website files or data. This hosting can be likened to a house in which there are various kinds of items or furniture. These items or furniture can be referred to as our website files or data.

That way, the domain and hosting cannot be separated because they are bound to one another. As I mentioned earlier that in order to create a website, you must at least prepare a domain and its hosting.

Domain Selection

For domain name selection, make sure the domain describes your brand. For example, if you have a business about buying and selling plant seeds, then the domain that you can use: kedaibibit.co.id or agenbibit.com or others, adjust to your business brand. The most important thing is to avoid the sign (-) on a domain and make sure the domain name you use is easy to remember and not too long.

Selection of Hosting

We must be careful in choosing hosting because this will have an impact on the survival of your website. As we know that there are a lot of hosting providers in Indonesia, if the number is calculated from a small hosting provider to a high class, maybe about 100 more web hosting providers scattered in Indonesia.

The number of hosting providers, making beginners confused should anchored on hosting which is because they are very common and do not really understand about how to measure a good hosting. Therefore, through this article we will explain tips on choosing quality hosting at the price of street vendors.

1. Check Server Quality

 Check Server Quality The first thing we need to check is the server quality from the hosting itself. Do not let your business in the online world become a boomerang in the continuity of your business due to poor server quality.

There are many factors you need to know to consider whether or not a good server hosting, one of which is the location of the hosting server itself. It would be better if the server location is close to the country where you live. Suppose your business is in Indonesia and your target market is Indonesian itself, then choose the location of the server that is also in Indonesia.

Also consider the hardware or technology used by the hosting server, for example Processor, RAM, SSD / HDD and others etc. This should also be considered because the technology used also affects the performance of the hosting server itself.

2. Uptime Guarantee

 Uptime Guarantee

What is an uptime guarantee? Uptime guarantee is the percentage of time the server is running in an active condition (not dead / shutdown). We have to know the percentage of uptime from the hosting because if the uptime percentage is low, then that means the hosting often dies. When a hosting often dies, it means your website that is hosting is also affected, i.e. cannot be accessed at a certain time.

You cannot tolerate a low uptime percentage, choose a hosting that gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Don't sacrifice your business by choosing cheap hosting but with a bad percentage of uptime.

3. Compare Prices


It's no secret that every buyer wants to get the best price when buying something. When choosing hosting, make sure you get a quality hosting but at a price that doesn't make your wallet scream.

Tips that you can do is to include several hosting providers with the same / almost the same specifications and prices in the list (use Ms Excel to make it easier for you to do this) then compare between the hosting which gives the best price with specifications that are not much different.

Even so, the comparison must be done carefully and fairly. Sometimes there are a little more expensive but provide better quality, there are also cheaper ones but the quality is rather poor. So you have to be wise in this matter.

For those of you who want to get attractive promos from various hosting providers, just check in Promohosting.id . There you will get the best prices with discounts of up to 75%.

Promotional code Niagahoster (one of the most popular hosting providers) can also be found here. Promo coupons will be updated regularly by promohosting.id so you don't need to worry about getting promo coupons that are expired or expired.

4. Reviews from Other Customers

 Reviews from Other Customers

In my opinion, reviews from other people greatly affect the hosting provider profile. Make sure you first read the reviews or reviews of other people about each hosting provider.

You can find these reviews on forums, personal blogs, Facebook groups and so on. However, not all reviews can be made as a benchmark because there are reviews that are 'paid', namely fake reviews that intend to deceive potential buyers, especially from beginners who do not really understand the website.

Read reviews from trusted sources with objective explanations , mentioning the pluses and minuses of the hosting provider itself. There are those who only touting the advantages in order to deceive potential buyers to be interested in the hosting provider.

5. Customer Support

 Customer Support

This factor is very rarely considered by users. In addition to server quality and price, fast or not customer support in answering / resolving user problems must also be considered.

Customer support must be able to stand-by 1 x 24 hours to serve its users. It will be detrimental if the hosting we use is problematic or inaccessible and when we report to customer support, they take too long to reply to our report, some even reply after 1-2 days.

Considering that our website must stay online all the time, will be very fatal if you have to wait for a reply from customer service after 1-2 days.

6. Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth

 Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth

Make sure you choose a hosting that offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Of course you as a website owner do not want if your data traffic is limited. Therefore, you are obliged to choose a hosting that offers unlimited bandwidth.

As for disk space, this depends on your needs. There are hosting parties that only limit 500MB, some are not (unlimited). Of course the unlimited is much better, so we can upload many files at once without worrying that the disk is full.

The tips above are obligatory to apply when you want to choose which hosting provider is your choice. Hopefully your choice falls on the hosting provider that suits your needs. Don't forget to share this article, maybe your friend is also confused about which hosting provider they should choose.


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