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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Cheap Gaming Laptop

The development of gaming laptops is constantly being produced. This is inseparable from the number of enthusiasts who have continued to grow in the last five years. Unfortunately the price of an average gaming laptop is very expensive. This is influenced by the components of the computer that are required to have the best quality so that the game can run smoothly. For those of you who have a limited budget, you can get a gaming laptop at a sloping price. To find out how, please refer to the following Tips for Choosing a Gaming Laptop.

1. Pay attention to the processor used

For the processor part
used, only two types are used today. first is from
Intel and AMD. Both Intel and AMD have their advantages and disadvantages
each. The Intel series is very superior to the economical part of its power. Whereas at
AMD series strongly supports graphics in a desired game. If you choose
Intel processors, then use the latest series. At least use Intel
who already supports Kaby Lake. Although using Intel that uses
the name of the Core and the same clock speed, but you will get features
the latest fix.

Whereas if you use
AMD processor, then you don't need to bother anymore like the Intel version. Because,
AMD's version is indeed designed to maximize graphics on a laptop
used. besides, even in terms of price, AMD processors are much cheaper than
Intel. It's just that, AMD has been famous for its power that is quite wasteful and
the quality of the goods is still below Intel.

2. VGA card used

Tips for Choosing the next Gaming Laptop is the VGA Card. For this part, you also have to consider the VGA card used on the gaming laptop that you are aiming for. The VGA Card function is to expedite the graphics used on laptops, both games and for graphic design purposes. For the VGA card, you should pay attention to the VGA series.

In particular, you should pay attention
VGA card series used. The series used shows the generation used
by the VGA card. For example, a laptop using VGA NVIDI Geforce
GT 860M, the number "8" shows that the VGA is the 8th generation. While the number "60" shows the performance results of the graphic.
To determine whether VGA is good or not for gaming, you pay attention
just two digit numbers. The greater the number, then the performance
considered better.

3. RAM capacity

[RAM9008] computer RAM which is
used by laptops also affects its performance, including performance
gaming. To be able to play the game smoothly, it needs RAM with capacity
the big one. Generally, the minimum RAM required is 8 GB. However, if you are
have a limited budget, just use RAM with a capacity of 4GB. capacity
4GB is actually enough to be able to play games that are of high quality
pretty good though not all.

4. Design and weight of laptops

Generally some people often
underestimate the design and weight of the laptop. even though this part also determines the moment
we will buy a laptop. generally gaming laptops have a design
big and heavy. That also has not been added to our tastes which sometimes do not
like the design offered. If the laptop is too big, then p
it will be difficult for us to carry it into the bag.

Therefore, this is also the case
depends on your own daily life. If you travel more, however
need a gaming laptop, you should choose a laptop that has a design
thin, lightweight, shock resistant and easily inserted into the bag. Whereas if
You rarely go out, so you can use the type of laptop that weighs
quite heavy.

5. Storage media

For this section, it is the same as the selection of the processor described earlier. Storage media on laptops has two types, namely SSD and HDD. For the advantages and disadvantages of both the SSD and the HDD it could be said to be quite thin and very related to needs. SSDs are superior in system speed in laptops. Plus, SSDs also save energy and are not noisy. While the advantage of HDD is that it can hold very large data. If we look at it in terms of performance, SSDs are superior to HDDs. However, in terms of SSD prices are more expensive than HDD. For those of you who have a limited budget, the HDD is a wise choice.

6. Warranty

In every purchase
goods, especially electronic goods, warranty is the most important part. Every
laptop brands have determined how long the warranty is used on a laptop
laptop. Generally a laptop warranty is only valid for one year. However, there is
also brands that dare to guarantee more than one year. For this part, it's best
back to your budget.

Here are 6 tips for choosing a laptop
good quality gaming and affordable prices. You can see references
others regarding the 1945910 specifications
gaming laptops or traits
A good gaming laptop at various sources.


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