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6 Steps Right to Overcome Laptop Slack Without Having to Bring to a Service Place

How to Overcome Laptop Lemot – Slow laptops become a problem that can be considered very annoying, especially if the laptop that we use is part of an important activity in our daily lives. And when the laptop you use or have slow, it will certainly be very unpleasant. Then what if your laptop is already in a slow phase? What should be done to overcome the slow laptop?

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Overcoming slow laptops is not a difficult thing to do. It's just that it takes extra time and patience to routinely do it because of maintenance so that the laptop performance is stable and not slow. It must be done regularly, constantly, and requires extra patience. And the following is the right 6 steps you can do.

6 Steps to Overcome Laptop Lemot

As mentioned in the previous section, there are several ways you can do to overcome the slow laptop. And here is a summary of the 6 rare precise ones that you can practice with your laptop.

1. Upgrade or upgrade RAM

One important part of a laptop is RAM. Basically, every activity that we do on a laptop will be recorded and done by RAM, and when the RAM capacity of our laptop is relatively small, this is what will make our laptop slow or even hang.

So from that, overcoming slow laptops can be done by upgrading or increasing the RAM capacity of our laptop. At this time, a laptop with a minimum RAM capacity that is classified as not slow is 4 GB, and if you want to upgrade RAM, then the minimum capacity you have to use is 4GB so that the laptop is at least free of slow words.

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2. Replace the hard disk with SSD

When using a hard disk, the boot process or system process that occurs from your laptop will tend to be slower. And many experts have suggested avoiding slow, so we should replace the hard drive on the laptop that we have with SSD.

This is because replacing the SSD can overcome slow laptops with system processes and faster data transfer by the SSD.

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3. Routine cleaning and maintenance of hardware

The hardware or hardware that is owned by our laptop also needs to get extra attention from us. To deal with slow laptops, try to always do cleaning and maintenance of the hard ware that we have.

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4. Reinstall Windows

Reinstalling Windows can be the most effective solution to overcome slow laptops. This is because, Windows that has errors or usage that is not optimal can cause the laptop that we use to be slow and the performance to decrease. Especially if it's already severe, reinstalling Windows will be highly recommended.

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5. Uninstall software that is not used and not too important

The habit of many people is wrong, is to let a lot of software that is not used or not important is still installed on their laptop. In fact, this kind of habit will actually trigger the laptop to become slow and the performance of the laptop becomes declining.

Overcoming slow laptops, it can be done by uninstalling software or games that are no longer used or not important from your laptop. This will make your laptop increase its storage space and help ease the performance of the laptop you have.

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6. Routine antivirus upgrades and do a full virus scan with anti-virus

Anti-virus that is on your laptop, also plays a very important role in maintaining laptop performance. It could be, the slow happening in your laptop is caused by a virus and this is eradicated by anti-virus. Perform anti-virus upgrades or updates that you install on your laptop periodically to deal with slow laptops.

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In addition, you also have to do a full scan on your laptop regularly to see if your laptop has a virus in it that could potentially make your laptop slow down so it must be eradicated immediately.

Those are the six steps in overcoming a slow laptop that you may often experience. Do the above to make the laptop run normally again.

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