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6 SHORT STRUCTURE Along with Example + Explanation [LENGKAP]

Do you like to read short stories? That means you have understood the meaning of short stories to the writing rules. Short stories are short for short stories. As the name implies, short stories are written in less than 10,000 words.

Basically, short stories are included in a fictitious type of paper that tells a person's life in a simple, concise and dense manner that only focuses on certain characters and their background to that character found the problem point.

Unlike other literary works, such as novels that discuss a person's life with various conflicts faced and their solutions that take a long time, short stories are deliberately concise so that the reader does not need a long time to read it. In other words, a short story can be read only once.

Short Story Structure along with Examples

 Short story structure and explanation

Although concise, it does not mean that short stories are made without a writing structure. Generally, there are 6 special structures that must be fulfilled by a short story namely abstract, orientation, complications, evaluation, resolution and code. For more details, the following is an explanation of each story frame or structure.

1. Abstract

Abstract is the structure at the beginning of the story. Understanding abstract itself is a general picture or the core of a story. Later, this abstract will be developed into several paragraphs that tell about the series of events in the story. All you need to know is that this abstract is optional, where the existence of abstracts in a short story may or may not be present.

2. Orientation

Orientation is an introduction to a short story. Usually, this orientation is identical to the introduction of things related to the story. Starting from the introduction of the character, background time, place or atmosphere described in the story. However, most orientations do not only focus on one type of setting, but various sequences of events occur in different situations.

3. Complications

The structure of the next short story is a complication. Complication is a sequence of events related to cause and effect. In the complication section, you will see various characters or characters played by the characters mentioned in the story. Later, these different characters will cause root causes of a story.

4. Evaluation

Definition of evaluation in short stories is a sequence of conflicts that occur in stories, even conflicts that occur have reached a climax or the cusp of problems. In the evaluation section you will also see a picture of conflict resolution that occurred.

This evaluation structure is the most important structure in a short story. Because, the evaluation section that will determine whether or not the story presented is interesting. Therefore, the author will present short stories with various conflicts that can bring the reader as if in the story. That way, the reader can understand and even animate the characters in the story.

5. Resolution

If evaluation contains conflict, then resolution is the opposite of evolution. Resolution is the solution obtained from the conflict that occurred. The author will determine the right solution to the problems experienced by the characters or actors in the story. Usually, the resolution becomes the structure that the reader looks forward to. What's more, if the reader is curious about the continuation of the story.

6. Koda

The code is the last structure that must be fulfilled by a short story . Koda understanding is the value or lesson contained in the story presented. Or in other words, in this section the message, wisdom, message or warning from the author can be learned by the reader when finished reading the short story.

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To better understand the story structure, pay attention to the following short story examples.

Lost Items

One day, a 5-year-old child was dismantling a warehouse that was filled with files from his father. While grumbling he kept looking. At that time, his mother was still asleep in his sleep.

"Star, what are you looking for son?" Called the mother to him.

"The star is looking for a teddy bear, Ma. Last night there was still "Sahut Bintang with his hands still busy looking for it.

" Take a shower first dear … already late in the afternoon, soon my father will come home ".

After taking a shower, he cried. While wearing clothes, she kept grumbling because until now her sleeping friend's teddy bear had not yet been met.

"I already cried it, honey … my mother went along sadly …" said the middle-aged woman with her lips swung.

If you haven't found it too … who is you sleeping Star … "Star sobbed.

" Later, my mom's night to sleep "Mother said with her broken smile.

" Promise? "Asked Bintang while hooking her fingers.

2 days passed, Bintang was no longer looking for a Tedy doll. However, he returned to crying because Mashanya's clothes were not in the closet. Bintang always wears it every morning. His favorite shirt.

"hu … hu … tedy ilang, masha's clothes are missing … why is that all wrong. Do you think there is a thief in our house? "Bintang cried as she did.

" cupppp cup … maybe slip. Try searching slowly, honey. "The mother sorted out the clothes on the floor.

" No, right? Yesterday there were still, now there are none … huuu huuuu "Bintang continued to cry, the mother was overwhelmed to calm her down.

" There are still lots of good clothes that have Bintang. The others will be jealous if you don't use Bintang. Use the clothes bought by this grandmother huh. " The mother offers a light pink dress. Bintang shook his head firmly, still strong with his choice.

"Try it first … like a cinderella shirt, this is it … cinderella, you wear this rich shirt, right?". Bintang nodded, though he hesitated but he wore it too.

"Isn't it what mama said, beautiful mama's child …" The mother noticed her stylish child in her dress in front of the mirror.

Finally, Mother was relieved that her child wanted wearing his chosen clothes.

Bintang had forgotten his favorite masha shirt, but he was again busy looking for the rabbit that was not in the cage. He also did not find it in the backyard. Because tired of looking. With a mainstay style he cried. The mother from the kitchen ran to Bintang who was getting sobbed.

"Bonna … no". Bonna is the name of the male rabbit owned by Bintang who was given his grandfather.

The mother with a reliable stance continued to persuade her. "Maybe Bonna is running around in the front yard, already looking for Bintang in the front?" His eyes looked at the front yard, and there was no white rabbit whose child meant. There is only one rabbit with a grayish pattern.

"huuu huuu … Bonna ilangggg" Bintang continues to cry this time harder than usual.

"cuppp cupp … there is still one more rabbit, sir Benni" the mother pointed rabbit who is eating carrots in a cage.

"I don't want you, I want Bonnaaa"

"Really, the star is that? Benni is also a friend of Bintang, see the Benni lonely friend. X "The mother pointed to the rabbit named Benni.

" This is not crying "he said watching the rabbit who was still absorbed in eating his carrots.

" Iyah, no cry. If the playing star with Bonna continues, after a long time Benni cries. "The mother continues to convince her child

" Benni is a rabbit, where can we cry "Bintang forgets his cry, instead is busy participating in feeding his rabbit carrot.

… if Bintang doesn't keep playing. "

" Hahaha Benni has a lot of food. Ma … Ma … take the carrot again "his tiny hand moved in excitement and ran to take a handful of carrots. With exhaustion.

"Come on, eat a lot of Benni … let me like a balloon hahahahaha" the teeth of his rabbit were clearly visible when the little boy laughed.

The mother held her so tightly, made the boy stop laughing. With his innocent face, he wiped the tears of his mother who were increasingly roaring.

"Mama, why? Bad star, Ma … "the woman who was called mama smiled smilingly to see her son's worries.

" No, dear … let's go in already in the afternoon, soon Daddy will come home … "

" ye ye yea -mari while jumping happily to hear his father going home.

While waiting for his father to come home, Bintang interrupts his mother's daydream of watching TV in the living room.

"Ma … The tedy has already been found …" more bright.

"Star found in Mama's room …" the boy did not think that his mother hid his favorite doll.

"How come Bintang entered Mama's room?" Bintang was silent scared.

Have you found it right? How does it feel to meet with Tedy again? "The mother grabbed her lap star.

" Senengggggg … now the bobo is already a friend again. His eyes moved. "Mama who hid Tedy Yah …?" Bintang remembered because Tedy was in his room.

"No … Allah took a temporary tedy from Bintang"

"Why did Allah take Tedy the star?"

"Because it is to be reunited again. Now this is … Dear star is not like mama?"


Bintang do not be sad … just like tedy, Later you will be found again with Bintang. "

" Mama want to disappear? Stars don't want you to come out. Mama is just a star. "The star frowned.

" I don't want to … Mom just left for a while then Allah met again … well, we will meet later, Bintang knows how it feels … "His son didn't budge, busy understanding his mother's words

"Just like now, Bintang met Tedy who was missing … happy right ???" the woman smiled.

"But later if the Stars miss …?"

"You've taught the prayer before … well … Star prayers continue to confide in as much as you like … mama must hear … because mama is with Allah. "The woman hugged the little boy with her sleep pajamas. Bintang also slept asleep in his mother's lap.

Well, that was a complete explanation of the short story structure and its example. Hopefully this article can be useful and increase your insight to pay more attention to the rules or writing structure that must be fulfilled when creating a short story.

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