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6 of the Best PC Power Supply Recommendations for 2019, Let's Check It!

Did you know that computer pc ups and power supply or commonly called PSU are computer components that have different meanings but their functions remain the same? Maybe some are often confused when they hear the name of a UPS or PSU. But if it is understood more deeply the two components of this computer have different meanings.

If a computer PC UPS is an electronic device that is able to provide a temporary backup of electric current when the main electric current dies or goes out suddenly. While the PC power supply (PSU) is a very important system for channeling electricity directly to all computer hardware components embedded in the PC.

Not only that, the PSU also has an important role, namely to determine the amount of electricity want to enter into the computer. The PSU also does not always ensure that your computer CPU can turn on or not, but the PSU can also be an indicator of how long the components on your computer last. So this time we will recommend the best power supply in 2019.

1. EVGA SuperNova P2

 EVGA SuperNova P2

Source: carisinyal

EVGA SuperNova P2 is a [1945914] PC power supply (PSU) suitable for gamers, this PSU has an 80+ certification Platinum with 92% efficiency. EVGA SuperNova P2 has features similar to SuperNova G3, such as fully modular cables, 100% Japanese Capacitors and ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System.

But the SuperNOVA P2 is also equipped with an on / off button for the ECO feature. EVGA SuperNOVA P2 provides several models, from 600W to 1600W.



Source: carisinyal

EVGA SuperNOVA G3 which has advantages over previous production. The EVGA SuperNOVA G3 has a high 80 Plus Gold certification, especially coupled with unique features, namely fully modular cables and high quality capacitors.

The SuperNOVA G3 is supported by the ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System, which makes PSU sound less noisy when used. For the model, this PSU has 5 different models, ranging from 550W to 1000W.

3. Seasonic S12II-520

 Seasonic S12II-520

Source: Shopee Indonesia

Seasonic S12II-520 has been provided with 80 plus bronze certificates with power levels of up to 80 to 87 percent. For the advantages of this PSU is S2FC technology that is able to provide assurance that the fan works very well and is also not noisy when operating. Not only that, this product has a fairly long service life, for security it has been equipped with SCP, OPP, and OVP.

4. Thermaltake Smart RGB

 Thermaltake Smart RGB

Source: carisinyal

Thermaltake Smart RGB has a nice appearance with its design, it also has the highest performance in its class. This PSU has a Brozen 80 Plus certification which is equipped with quality components, starting from RGB lights, there are also other features such as fully modular cables, the smart Zero Fan and quality capacitors. Thermaltake Smart RGB also has models, ranging from 650W to 850W. Thermaltake Smart RGB is perfect for computers that like gaming.

5. CX Series 750

 CX Series 750

Source: carisinyal

CX Series 750 is the best choice for your computer, because the price is quite cheap. CX Series has 80 Plus Bronze certification with 2 different models, namely fixed cables and semi full. CX Series has several useful features such as a fan design that is 120mm in size. for models there are several different ones, from 430W to 750W, for Corsair CX with fixed modular cables and 450W to 850W.

6. Seasonic Focus

 Seasonic Focus

Source: Carisinyal

Seasonic Focus is the most quality and sophisticated PSU produced by the Seasonic brand. Seasonic Focus has two 1945 certifications, namely 80 Plus Gold and Platinum. The UPS has an efficiency of up to 90%, in addition to having Fully Modular Cable features, it also presents a new feature namely Hybrid Silent Fan Control.

This feature has a function to regulate fan use through a fan control button on the PSU so that your computer can achieve optimal performance in hot or cold conditions. Seasonic Focus offers a variety of different models, ranging from 550W to 100W.

That is the 6 most popular PSUs and is the right choice. Because the six PSUs above are PSUs that have the best quality from several other brands.

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