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6 How to Synchronize Gmail on an Android Phone Easily (Newest 2018)

In the past, email services became one of the most effective ways of sending messages online even though long distances. Along with the times, e-mail services were no longer the only way to make communications 1945. Some applications continue to emerge to follow the trends and needs of the community.

However, who would have thought, sending messages via email is still popular among the public. Gmail is one of Google's e-mail services that is still used by various groups. Famous for the most storage capacity, Gmail has increasingly existed in the world of e-mails compared to Yahoo, Hotmail and other e-mail sites.

Now, Gmail continues to develop updates by increasing its technology . Besides being available on a PC or computer, Gmail also supports other platforms, namely smartphones with Android operating systems. In addition to supporting convenience, using Gmail on Android phones also helps you in knowing the messages that enter without having to open your PC or computer first.

However, there are problems that are often faced by Gmail users on Android phones, the Gmail application that is not synchronized . Then how do you get Gmail on your Android phone to sync again? This article will discuss how to sync Gmail on an Android phone. Let's refer to the explanation below.

How to Sync Gmail on an Android Phone

Lately, Gmail, which had a chance to change its appearance, turned out to be the largest electronic mail service with more than 425 million active users per year 2012. The Gmail experiencing no synchronization on an Android phone has several causes. Therefore you should pay attention to important things that can trigger Gmail to not be able to sync.

This can result in you not being able to see the latest incoming messages, unable to open e-mail, unable to send messages, and so on. Immediately follow the steps below.

Step 1: Gmail Application Update

Now, one of the causes of Gmail failed to sync is the Gmail application that has not been updated so long that errors occur or errors in emails are getting bigger. So, it's best to update the Gmail application every time Gmail launches its latest version so that your Gmail app is always fresh.

Step 2: Restart the Device

If your Android device has started to have frequent problems, it doesn't hurt if you try to restart your Android smartphone. An error system may immediately return to its original state after your Android device is restarted.

Step 3: Check the Internet

This is a trivial problem that is often overlooked, even though connecting to the internet is an important element as Gmail's requirements are always in sync. Therefore, make sure that your Android device is properly connected to the internet network. One more thing, don't forget to deactivate the airplane mode on your smartphone!

Step 4: Check the Device Storage

One of the causes of Gmail and other applications failed to load is because the storage area is already saturated. Almost full memory-related notifications are often ignored because they do not significantly affect device performance. This results in new data not being able to enter again because there is no empty room anymore. Therefore, try checking the storage area on your device and then immediately delete files or applications that you don't use.

Step 5: Synchronization Settings in the Gmail Application Must Be Active

In addition to the above causes, things can make Gmail fail to sync is because the sync settings in the Gmail application are turned off. Therefore, make sure that the Gmail sync settings on your application are completely active.

1. Open your Gmail application> then open the menu with the three line icon or it can be seen in the picture that has the red arrow below.

 How to Synchronize Gmail

2. Then please select Settings or Settings.

 How to Sync Gmail

3. then select an email that is not synchronized.

 Step 5 - select the account

4. After that, find Sync Gmail or Gmail Synchronization in the Data usage section and make sure the Gmail Sync section is checked.

 gmail contact synchronization method

Step 6: Synchronization Settings on Android Devices Must Be Active check the synchronization settings on your Android device. Usually Android devices have their own settings to allow any application that can sync automatically. Therefore, make sure that the synchronization settings for Gmail on your Android device must be fully active.

1. Open Settings or your device settings.

2. Then select Accounts & Sync.

 Step 6 - select an account and synchronize

3. Enable Auto-sync your data then make sure that your Google account has been added. If there is no Google account, please add your Google account by selecting Add account.

 how to sync gmail contacts on your Android phone

There are articles about how to sync Gmail on an Android phone. Make sure the causes that can make Gmail fail to sync have you removed. You can try the above methods to overcome these problems. Hopefully the article on how to sync Gmail on Android phones is useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia to get interesting and up-to-date information. Good luck and good luck!


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