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6 Hidden Features of the Unknown HP Vivo

A few weeks ago, the Vivo brand had officially launched its newest smartphone called the Vivi V15. This smartphone is aimed at middle and upper class users so that some of the features have also been designed in such a way as to meet market demands. However, you need to know that this Vivo V15 has some hidden features that can provide an interesting experience for you when using it. To find out what these hidden features, the following review.

1. Can change camera sound

Generally, camera sound
on smartphones have the same sound. However, the sound of the camera on
This Vivo V15 has a difference. We can change the sound when on camera
used. The sound contained in this smartphone there are three types, namely
Scifi, Machine, and also Rhyhm.

For how to replace it
pretty easy, first enter the settings section and then choose the "Sound and" section
Vibration ". If so, then go to the "Camera pop-up sound" section. In
there you can choose what sound you want.

2. Activating the 23 Megapixel camera

Basically, a camera
rear used on the Vivo Y15 there are three types, namely 13 MP, 8MP, and
2MP. In total the back camera used is 23 MP. However,
when you use it for shooting, the resulting image is not
reach 23 MP. If you want to do it in full, then you must
change the resolution.

How to change
the resolution is to enter camera settings. First, activate it
camera as usual. After that, go to the camera settings located on
the top corner. If so, activate the 23MP resolution. That way, camera
the back will automatically enter the 23MP mode when shooting.

3. Bring up Navigation Gesture

You can use
This smartphone with full screen mode by activating navigation
gesture. By activating this feature, you can get more leverage in
use the full screen screen on the Vivo V15 smartphone. It's just, for those of you who are not familiar
with this gesture navigation you should first learn the tutorial
provided in this smartphone.

First enter the section
setting. After that, select the "System navigation". There you are
choose Navigation Gestures. There you will see the Navigation mode section.
Choose "Navigation Gestures" so that the Navigation Gesture feature can
appear. In this Navigation Mode menu, you can learn first what it looks like
Navigation Gesture in the "About Navigation Gestures" section. There you will
see a short tutorial on using Navigation Gestures.

4. Shake the cellphone to turn on the flashlight

Same with
other smartphone, inside this smartphone is pinned a flashlight that can
used for photographing in dark places or as lighting only. Well,
unique is to be able to turn on the flashlight, we just shake it
His mobile phone. This is quite innovative because we don't need to install certain icons
or install special applications.

How to activate
This flashlight is as follows. Go to the settings section and select the menu
"Smart Motion". If so, then select the "Shake to turn on" section
the flashlight ". Swipe right to activate it. After the button
in blue, the feature is active. Next you live
come back and try shaking the cellphone. If the flashlight is on, then the settings
was successful.

5. Turn on the screen with double tap

Generally when we are
will activate the smartphone, we must press the power button. However, at
this smartphone is interesting, i.e. we can activate the screen only
by double-tapping it.

For how to activate it
quite easy. First, enter the settings section. After that, look for the "Smart" menu
Motion ". If so, then go to the "Smart turn on / off screen" menu.
In that section, you have to activate it so that the tap function will later
walk. After successfully turned on, return to the main menu and please you
try. If when tapped, the HP screen is lit, the function can work.

6. Three-finger screenshot

Other hidden features
is being able to do a three finger screenshot. Usually if we want to do
screenshot, we must use special APIs. pressing certain features,
or by pressing the power and volume down simultaneously. However, with
this smartphone, we don't need to be complicated to do screenshots.

To be able to activate
this feature, we must enter into the settings. Then, the next step
is swipe until you find "S-Capture". If you already have to activate "Three
Finger Swipe Screenshot "until the blue button appears on the button. After
that, you just go back to the main menu and try to do three finger swipes
quickly from the bottom of the screen to the top. If a screenshot is successful, then
These feature functions were successful.

Those are 6 hidden features
on the HP Vivo Y15. If you are paired with other hidden brand features, you are
can try visiting the feature
Hidden Android Nougat features
hidden Samsung mobile phones and various other interesting articles. hopefully
this article can provide benefits.


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