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6 Hidden Features of Amazfit Beep on Xiaomi Smartwatch

Current usage trends
Smartwatch is quite widely used by some circles. Not just mere
just for style. the use of a smartwatch can also provide many benefits
for its users. One smartwatch that is so in demand by many people
is Xiaomi Amazit Beep.

Many such Smartwatch
selected because in terms of price is quite affordable compared to some
other smartwatch. Plus, there are several in this smartwatch
Secret features that can provide you with many benefits. Some features
the secret is as follows.

1. Auto lock

Inside the smartwatch feature
Here, there is a secret menu that can provide auto lock on
smartwatch. This autolock feature is very useful when you are traveling
so that the smartwatch is not easy to play with when touching other objects.

How to get inside
meu is also quite easy, you have to press the button on the right. Press it
once and you can enter the menu in this smartwatch.
if you want to return to the initial menu, then just press the right button again
because the button can be used as a back button.

2. Do Not Disturb Mode (DND)

This Do Not Disturb Mode
very useful for you when you are busy or in a state that may not exist
interference from sounds coming from smartwatch. To be able to enter
in this DND setting, we don't need to enter the menu first
Settings. There is a quick way that you can practice.

The method itself is deep
non autolock state, you rub your finger down. Automatically, we
can enter Do Not Disturb or DND mode. In this mode, we are
can still receive notifications such as SMS, phone and some features
the other. It's just that we will not listen to the sound or vibration when there is
notification because we have turned it off.

3. Enter the SMS menu

The following features are
very useful and fast is to enter the SMS menu. Generally on a smartwatch
other we must first enter the menu by pressing the menu button. However,
on this Amazit Beep smartwatch, we can enter the message menu without having to
look for it first.

First open autolock first
on the smartwatch by pressing the button on the right. After that, wipe it to
above and you will immediately enter the message menu. Amazingly from
This smartwatch is that we can read the contents of the message. Different from
most smartwatches only provide notifications.

4. See status on smartwatch

When we want to know
what are the status of smartwatch as long as we use, usually we will go into
in the menu and look for the status menu. However, in this smartwatch, we are
can enter the status menu without having to scroll first.

The trick is to just swipe
your finger to the left after autolock is turned off. When you rub it on
on the left, then you will enter the status menu. In the status menu
this, you can see information such as steps that have been passed, beats
heart, converted distance, number of calories burned, and so on
idle time information.

5. Bluetooth devices

The advantages are also included
very useful from this smartwatch is we can connect bluetooth
on many devices simultaneously. It could be said, function
Bluetooth is approaching the Bluetooth function on cellphones, smartphones and
also computers in general. We can also see which devices are
has been connected with our smartwatch.

The way to see it is
go to the settings or settings. Then look for the word "About" located
in the settings then press. There you will find the firmware version from
smartwatch that you use as well as some Bluetooth devices already
connected to our smartwatch.

6. Change watch face

Have you ever seen
can other smartwach change their appearance? Well, on the Xiaomi Smartwatch
this, we can change the look of the smartwatch to our liking. Display
on this smartwatch can change the style of the smartwatch when traveling.

For how to replace it,
First go to the settings section. After that, look for the words "Watch face"
inside it. After successfully finding it, next is to press "Watch
Face ". There you will see several display options
different and certainly has their own uniqueness. After you find it
suitable background, then next select "OK" and the smartwatch has
successfully used the background that was selected. You can see the results
when entering the main menu.

Those are 6 hidden features
Amazit Beep on Xiaomi smartwatch. To be able to connect between smartwatches
with an Android device, it needs a special application from Xiaomi. You
can learn ways
change the Mi cloud account on Xiaomi easily or way
create a new MI account. Hope it is useful.


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