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6 Functions of the Most Used Inkjet Printer

The printer is a
printing machines of various kinds of documents from a file. The printer itself can
You find in various places specifically printing a document. The printer also exists
many kinds, from small printers to printers that are similar to
a photocopy machine.

Among all printers
circulating in Indonesia, one of the printers that is quite widely used by
people are inkjet printers. Maybe you still have something strange about it
it's an inkjet printer because inkjet printers themselves are often referred to as printers

Right, the ink printer is
a printer that uses ordinary ink as a medium to print a
document. The ink printers themselves are the most commonly used by
society. Of course there are several reasons why inkjet printers are the most common
used. To find out the answer, following the review.

1. Easily placed anywhere

The first function of the printer
This inkjet is easily stored even in a small place. This is of course
it is very easy for someone to place the printer in any place though
the room is small though. The ease that makes this inkjet printer
so liked by various groups.

Besides that, because of its size
relatively small, this printer can be carried everywhere easily. Simply use
laptop printer and electrical appliance, then we can print documents in any way
and anytime. This is quite practical to use.

2. The price is relatively cheaper

when compared to a printer
with other types, it can be said that this inkjet printer has a price
relatively cheaper. Indeed, inkjet printers themselves are more intended for
lower middle class so people can have their own printer on

This also applies to
other components such as ink and cartridge. For black and white or
the color, the price itself is still cheaper than the printer
with other types. This is what makes many people choose printers

3. Print photos perfectly

The main advantages
by using this inkjet printer you can print photos with
very good quality. The color produced from this printer is quite bright
and the image can look quite real. This is because of ink
which is used in inkjet printers quite a lot that is issued alias enough
wasteful in using ink. therefore it is not surprising that quality
the resulting photo is so good.

4. Very fast to use in light work

As already
mentioned earlier that this inkjet printer is more intended for users
middle down. Therefore, the performance is even more optimal for printing
just a few pages of documents or a few pages of photos. Even though on
Basically it can also be used to print large amounts of documents,
it's just that the time needed is very slow and long too.

5. Can print directly from a digital camera or smartphone

You only have a smartphone
and printer only and want to print documents? for some of the latest series, there are
printer that can print documents directly from a smartphone or camera
digital. For digital cameras, there are special cables that can be connected directly
to the printer so that it can be used directly to print documents.

Whereas on a smartphone,
can be connected using a data cable or using a Wifi network. Printer
recently produced wifi features have been added to print
documents without having to connect using a data cable.

How to connect easily
as well as connecting a bluetooth headset. First turn on wifi on the smartphone
and turn on wifi on the printer. After that, wait for the wifi name that appears
on a smartphone. If it appears, just connect it and you can
print documents directly from a smartphone only.

6. The spare parts are relatively cheaper.

Compared to other types of printers, the replacement and maintenance of inkjet printers is much cheaper. For example, in the cartridge section. Even if the parts have to be replaced, the price is also cheap. For example, cartridge prices on inkjet printers are generally much cheaper than cartridges in other types of printers.

Although many people say that the advantages of laser printers over inkjet are quite a lot, but basically this is back again we ourselves will choose which printer. Do you prefer inkjet printers or prefer laser printers? That depends on your choice. Plus, if you prefer to use an inkjet printer, make sure you can understand how to store the printer for a long time so that the printer can be used for a relatively longer period of time.


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