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6 Functions of the Most Ultimate Router on Computer Networks (Complete)

Routers we hear very often, because routers are very closely related to a network, especially on internet networks. Then, what is a router? What is the purpose and functions of the router? Well, surely these questions often cross your mind. In this article, we will discuss what is which is meant by router and its functions.

Routers are one of the hardware devices in a computer network that can be used to be able to connect multiple or different network segments . This tool is also a tool commonly used to send packets over the internet network and is useful to be able to get to the destination, we usually call it the Routing process.

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Routing is a process that occurs in the third layer of seven layers of the OSI Layer . This router is usually also used to be able to connect two networks which are then used by different media, for example, from Ethernet to Token Ring. That's the basic understanding of Routers.

Alright, and below we will enter any functions that come from a router. Here's the explanation:

Router Functions

 Router Functions

A router is a device that has many functions. And the main functions contained in the Router, namely to distribute or divide the IP Address both DHCP and static to all computers that have been connected to the router. DHCP or abbreviation for Dynamic Configuration Protocol is a service that will automatically give an IP Address number to the computer requesting it.

And the unique IP Address given by the router to each computer unit can enable each computer unit to be able to connect each other, and communicate well on the Internet and LAN . Increasingly, the router technology has become more sophisticated.

Now to connect computers with other networks is not only using a wired connection, but we can already rely on Wireless technology. By only relying on a radio wave produced by the router, finally laptops, PCs, tablets, computers and other gadgets can be connected to the network as long as it is within the reach of the router.

Not only that, there are many more functions from the router in full. Here are some functions of the router in full:

  1. The function of a router is that it can transmit information from a network to another network whose system works the same as on Bridge .
  2. This function is the main function from a router that is to be able to connect several of the networks that are useful for conveying data from one network to another network. But the router is different from using the Switch. Because the Switch will only be used to connect multiple computers and form an AN or Local Area Network. And while on a router it has the use of being able to connect between one LAN and another LAN.
  3. The function of the next router is to be able to read a logical address or IP Address and destination to be able to determine the routing process on one LAN to another LAN. The function of the router is that it can be a BOX or an Operating System that can run a Routing daemon.
  4. The function of a router can also function to connect a local network to a DDL connection commonly called a DSL router. The router also has a firewall function in order to be able to filter packets based on the source and destination address of the package. However, that means not all routers have the same function. Routers that also have a firewall feature can also be said to be a Packet-Filtering Router. Which of these routers can function to block traffic from the data that will be broadcasted, and eventually will be able to prevent the occurrence of broadcast storms which can then cause network performance to slow down.
  5. And the last is that the Router can function to save the routing table. which will be used to determine the best route between the LAN network to the WAN.

That is the main functions of a router, from these functions we can conclude that the router is very useful for smooth operation on a network. For that, you also need to know how a router works. That way your understanding of routers is getting more and more mature. Here is an explanation of how a Router works.

How the Router

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Basically, Routers always work by routing a packet or data from information that we commonly refer to as routing . With this technique, the Router will know which direction the route of travel will be directed to. Is the direction of the data located on the same network or different network

If the information to be directed is directed to a different network, then the router will forward it to the network, or even vice versa. And if the intended packet is on the same network, the router will block the packet from going out and forwarding the packet by routing on the same network until the packet will be sent to the correct destination.

Thus an explanation of the functions in Router and how it works. With the explanation above, hopefully you can easily understand the functions and workings of a router. And also hopefully this article can be useful as a teaching material for those who want to pursue computer network pieces, especially regarding routers.


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