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6 Computer Client server functions in Daily Life

Computers, an electronic device that has the performance of a worker. Today, computers successfully run the functions of information and communication technology in everyday life. For example, now we can get faster information on social media or news portals provided on the internet network. In fact, first if you want to get information quickly you have to buy a newspaper or listen to the radio.

Speaking of the computer world, nowadays the use of computers has really been used by the public. If previously people were only limited to seeking information and surfing in the world of social media, now it has begun to be applied in matters that are more official in nature. However, you still need to be aware of the positive and negative impacts of the internet that have arisen.

Computer-Based National Exams, Online Registration, and online attendance systems can be examples of current computer usage. This is not separated from one of the types of computer networks named client server computers. What is a client server computer?

Basically, a client server computer is a computer network that when the client computer gives a command, it will be responded by the server to be able to answer the command.

The way to be able to make orders to the server is install an application whose purpose is to support the client computer to get a response from the server. This case example is a web browser. When we open a web browser then type the word Google on the web address, then our position as a client computer that asks the server to be able to open the Google site.

In everyday life, some functions of the client server computer are as follows.

1. Adjusting the User's Display

When a server computer provides services to users, it is necessary to have a tool to provide an interface or display that can make it easier for users to run access to the server. Well, this is where the role of the client computer is very meaningful. With the client computer, users can better understand how to access the server.

2. Recipient Media and Input Checkers from Users

As already exemplified in web browsers, the client computer can find out what commands are inputted by the user against the server. For example, when we want to access the Google site, the user must first use the application found on the client computer, the web browser. After that type "Google" on the web address. If there are no problems, then the user can open the "Google" site.

3. Saving the Data Base Sent to the Server

Have you ever registered online? If ever, surely you know what to fill in the registration form. Our personal data entered in the registration form is called data. Well, to be able to enter user data, of course, requires a client computer.

Usually after all data has been filled in, the data will be sent to the database on the server. User data that has been sent will be stored on the server which will be needed according to needs. For this reason, the advantages of database systems will be felt in the functions of this client computer.

4. Application Process Media from Server

As mentioned earlier, with the client computer, applications from the server can be displayed. That way, users can better understand what applications are on the server. Even so, users cannot access an application further. Because, this must get approval from the developer.

5. Media Services for Users

By using a client computer, users indirectly obtain services electronically as if we are served by a customer service. When you bring money from an ATM, then realize it or not, it is also one of the benefits of having a client computer. Even when we save, there is already a client computer that can serve these customers.

6. Accelerating Services to Users

Maybe you realize or even you don't. Facilities provided by the client computer can speed up the services provided to the client. Another example at the supermarket. In the past, to be able to find out the price of an item, you can see the price of the items listed in it.

If you are still in doubt, you will ask the clerk at the supermarket directly. Now, with the computer, you only need to scan the barcode into a scanner that is already connected to the computer. That way, you can find out the prices of these items more accurately and quickly.

Besides speeding up services, the client computer can also facilitate users in getting services. Like registration, we don't need to queue in one place. Because, we can queue anywhere as long as there are computers and internet networks. That way, the time needed can be faster.

That is the function of client server computers in everyday life. Apparently at this time we have felt a great benefit with the existence of a client server computer. It has been proven that the development of computer networks has provided great benefits for humanity. Hopefully this article will benefit you all.


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