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6 Application Restarts Android Phone Without Root

Android phones in the era
now it has been widely used by various groups. Starting from students
until business people have started using an Android cellphone as a tool
main for various purposes. Starting from just telephone and SMS, entertainment
to work tasks that are directly related to smart devices
this one.

Basically, Android phones still use some old concepts. A cellphone such as how to turn on and turn off the cellphone, insert the headset, until the charging part. Well, for how to turn on and off an Android cellphone until now it still uses the old concept of the power button.

Usually the power button on Android is on the right or left side, on the top side of the headset port and there is even a pinned to the back close to the camera. The problem that occurs when we will turn off and turn on the Android phone is the power button does not work. It could be because it was damaged, not detected, or there was a foreign object blocking the on / off button. If you experience something like this, don't worry.

Because, there are currently several applications that can help you restart without using the power button. For more details, the following 6 applications restart the Android phone without having to root.

1. Gravity Screen

Gravity Screen is an application that you can rely on when you want to restart Android. You can find this application on the Play Store. The way to use this application is basically to use sensors that are on an Android phone. Therefore, to be able to maximize the features inside, make sure your Android phone has a sensor.

How this application works when your hand holds a cellphone will automatically turn on the mobile automatically. Conversely, when you put your cellphone on the table, the cellphone will automatically turn off. You can also modify the method on and off the phone according to taste.

2. Power Button to Volume Button

The next application is the Power Button to Volume Button. This application is able to change the power button to the volume button so that it can restart or on / off the Android phone. How to use it is you just open this power button application.

After that, select "Enable Volume power" so that this application will be able to run. Check on the Boot section and also screen off so that the power button will switch to the volume button. Now you can restart without having to use the power button.

3. Boot Manager

The next application is Boot Manager. This application has the advantage of memory efficiency on your Android device. When Android restarts, this application will prevent some of the applications that we choose to join "open" when the phone is on. This was the way to make Android phones not slow .

In addition, the phone's memory will be wider when it is first turned on. Basically, when the cellphone is turned on, there will be many applications that also open up which causes the phone's performance to be slower. This boot manager application is a solution for applications so that Android is not slow .

4. Fast Reboot Pro

Next is Fast Reboot Pro. This application can also be one of your choices to restart Android. The main advantage of using this application lies in the scheduling system that you can use as you wish.

In addition, the unique feature of this application is that it can restart just by unlocking the phone and adding a shortcut or shortcut to get to the Fast Reboot application. It's just that, this application is not free. You have to pay to be able to enjoy the facilities provided in this application.

5. Reboot

This application has similarities to the fourth point. It's just that this reboot application you can use for free or free. The superior features of this application include reboot recovery mode and reboot the bootloader.

This application is very useful when the Android phone you are using fails to restart using the power button. Well, for those of you who are worried that the data will be lost, this is how to recover lost data and is very practical

6. Recovery Reboot

If you do not want to bother with various features that are available on the application restart, then this Recovery Reboot is perfect for you. This application is not many features that look complicated and how to use it is very easy. You just open this application and click the menu to restart.

That way, the application will automatically restart immediately. It's just that, to maximize the features in this application your Android device must be installed BusyBox, Clockwordmod, and also TWRP.

That's 6 applications restarting Android phones without needing Root. When restarting there are some applications that are missing on Android, you can try reading references about how to restore deleted data on Android . Plus, if there is enough damage to the power button, it will be much better if you immediately bring it to the service area. Also recognize the types of malware that are harmful to your favorite smartphone. Hopefully this article will benefit you all.


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