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50+ Examples of Good and Correct Definition Sentences [SINGKAT]

Speaking of definition sentences, the author believes that friends here must have often met him in daily life, both through speech and through writing. So, what exactly is the definition sentence? To find out, let's say from the meaning of the definition itself.

Definition is a term derived from English, namely definition . Definition is a statement describing an object

Therefore, the definition sentence can be interpreted as a statement sentence that gives an explanation or explanation of an object. The following are the characteristics and examples of sentence definitions that need to be known:

Characteristics of Definition Sentences

 Example of Definition Sentences and Characteristics

In their application, students are often confused to distinguish between definition sentences and description sentence . Even though the two are clearly different, the goals are different. The definition sentence is used to describe an object in general.

While the description sentence is used to describe an object specifically. Now, for more details about the definition sentence, here we describe the characteristics of the definition sentence that you can make a reference.

  1. Sentence is an explanation of an object, can be in the form of objects, phenomena, humans, professions, diseases, and so forth.
  2. The explanation used is general, in other words, it does not lead to specific characteristics.
  3. The sentence structure can be reversed and does not change the meaning. For example, consider the sentence "stomata are parts of plants that function as respiration organs." The sentence can be reversed to become, "Parts of plants that function as respiration organs are stomata." Both sentences have the same meaning.
  4. often used in scientific reports.
  5. Contains definitive verbs, such as is, that is, is, and is.

Collection of Example Sentences Definitions

 Collection of Example Sentences Definitions

To deepen your understanding of sentences definition, here we give examples of sentence definitions that you can learn.

  1. Indonesia is a country located between two oceans, namely the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
  2. China is a country that has the most population in the world with a total a population of 1.3 billion.
  3. Stomata are part of plants that function as organs of respiration.
  4. The keyboard is a piece of computer hardware that functions as an input device.
  5. Auto-immune is a type of disease in which the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body.
  6. Migraine is a type of throbbing headache that only attacking only one side of the head.
  7. Cancer is a deadly disease caused by the development of abnormal body cells
  8. AIDS is a disease that attacks the human immunity caused by the presence of the HIV virus in blood cells.
  9. Google translate is an internet service used to translate one language into another language.
  10. MEA is short for the ASEAN Economic Community
  11. The Notebook is one of the legendary romantic genre films played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
  12. Smartphone is an English term that means smartphone.
  13. Batak merup will be one of the largest ethnic groups in Indonesia inhabiting the West Sumatra region.
  14. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world.
  15. One of the keys to success is hard work.
  16. Carat is a term used to show the percentage of pure gold in a metal.
  17. Volcano eruption is a natural phenomenon that occurs when magma in the earth penetrates the surface of the earth.
  18. One way to maintain a healthy life is to exercise regularly.
  19. Pancasila is wrong a national identity that acts as the basis of the nation's state and life view.
  20. Ozone is a layer in the atmosphere that functions to protect the earth's surface from UV radiation.
  21. The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon of warming on the surface of the earth caused by the gathering of gases greenhouse in the atmosphere.
  22. One of the effects of global warming is rising sea levels. [19659009] A trade war is a situation where one country responds to an opposing country by raising import tariffs or imposing various import restrictions on an opposing country.
  23. Photosynthesis is the biochemical process of plant chlorophyll with the help of sunlight to produce food for these plants.
  24. One function of the liver is to neutralize toxins in the body.
  25. The kidneys are organs in humans that function to filter blood from impurities or waste in the body.
  26. Life insurance is a service that aims to protect family members if the backbone of the family dies
  27. BPJS is a health service that works closely with the government to guarantee the health of people from all walks of life
  28. Penguins are a type of flightless birds that live in the South Pole.
  29. Anti-oxidants is a type of compound that can counteract free radicals.
  30. Indonesia m is the largest archipelago country consisting of 17,504 islands.
  31. Dinosaurs are a group of ancient animals that lived millions of years ago.
  32. Ambition is a strong desire to achieve great things.
  33. Melanin is a skin coloring substance produced by melanocyte cells.
  34. Three races in the world are the Mongoloid race or the yellow race, the negroid race or the black race, and the Caucasoid race or the white race.
  35. Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high levels sugar in the blood that exceeds normal limits.
  36. Wet diabetes is a term used by people to describe the condition of diabetes in a person where wounds are hard to dry. 19659009] One of the causes of sleepiness is lack of oxygen.
  37. Nature reserve is a conservation area intended to protect the flora, fauna, and ecosystems in it.
  38. Opportunity cost is a term in economics which means the costs to be paid to get something more profitable.
  39. Big data is a method used to analyze large amounts of data so that patterns can be identified.
  40. Brexit or British exit is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.
  41. Negotiation is a form of interaction social where each party strives to reach an agreement on conflicting goals.
  42. Monopouse is a natural condition where a woman stops experiencing menstrual cycles.
  43. Earth is one of the planets in the solar system which is a distance of 148.6 million km from the sun.
  44. Samsung is one of the largest electronics companies in the world originating from Korea South.
  45. Invertebrates are a group in Animalia kindom consisting of non-vertebrate animals.
  46. Mitochondria are one of the cell organelles that act as respiration points for living cells.
  47. Amphibia is a term for animals that can live in two habitats, namely land and water.

Up to this point, have you started to understand the characteristics of the definition sentence? So that more stole it would not be wrong for friends to try to compose their own sentences. Hopefully the article about the examples of sentence definitions above can help. Thank you.


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