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5 Ways to Fix the Most Effective Damaged Play Store, Try It?

As we know Play Store is the official Android application from Google. This application must always be on every Android cellphone. In this application we can also download various applications that are very interesting and we can use for various activities.

Because in this application we can download applications such as the Chat application games, social media, music and other applications. Not only that, the advantage of this application is that we can download these applications for free. If you want an application with complete features, you can also buy it at an affordable price on this Play Store.

Even downloading apps on Play Store will avoid your smartphone from virus attacks or malware so you don't need to worry again. However, behind the Play Store privilege, there are still problems that often strike.

How to Fix a Broken Play Store

Like the Play Store, which often has no connection problems, cannot be opened and applications that cannot be downloaded. Well, if your Play Store often experiences something like that, you have to fix it in several ways below:

1. Perform Data Cleansing

 data cleaning

Image: Dictio Community

The first way to repair a damaged Play Store is to clean up the data on your smartphone.

But you need to know that this method can make your Play Store go back to its original settings or return to its original settings. And the display on the Play Store will also look strange to you.

Then how? You can do a number of steps like the one below:

  • First you have to enter the Settings menu.
  • In the Settings menu, you have to find Apps menu by scrolling down.
  • The next step you can do is to click on the Google Play Store application.
  • If the Google Play Store is open, you must click on the menu Clear Data .

Easy, right? after that you can access the Play Store application again.

2. Install the Latest Play Store Version


Image: betanews.com

One of the causes of the Play Store is that it is damaged because the Play Store version is too out of date. Because this makes official services from Google will become slow and work slower.

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Even worse You will not be able to download any application on the Play Store because of the old version of the Play Store. Well, one way to overcome this is by updating your Play Store to the latest version.

The method is quite easy, namely:

  • First you can enter the Play Store application .
  • Then you must click Settings by selecting the settings icon in the upper left corner.
  • And you have to scroll down until you see the Play Store Version tab .
  • If there is an updated version it will appear new screen that will request permission to download and install to the new version such as "A new Version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed '.
  • And if there is no latest version a new screen will appear with said "Google Play Store is up to date" .

3. Activating Download Manager

 play store

Image: Chromplex

If you cannot download the application from the Play Store, you must first check whether Download Manager on your smartphone is active or not. [19659033] Because if the Download Manager is inactive, it will make the Play Store stop working. The way to activate the download manager is also quite easy:

  • First you have to open the menu.
  • Then scroll down to click Application Manager .
  • Then you can click All Download Manager .
  • Check if the Download Manager has not been activated, then you must activate it.

4. Reset Google Account

 play store

Image: LemOOt

If you have tried various ways to improve your Play Store but the Play Store still doesn't work properly, you have to reset the Google account that you use on the Play Store

The first step you have to do is by removing your Google account, and later you will be able to set it again. The method is also very easy:

  • First you have to open the menu.
  • And then scroll down until you see the Accounts menu.
  • Next you can choose Google Account
  • Finally you also need to press the Menu or icon like a trash can.

If you have done the steps above, you must also add a Google account to reset it. The steps are easy, too:

  • First you click on the menu as usual.
  • Then click on the menu Accounts .
  • Then select the option Add Account .
  • And finally select Google and you just need to follow the next step.

5. Data Reset

 factory reset

Image: Dr.Fone

The last way to deal with the damaged Play Store is to reset the Data on your Smartphone. This method is also the last way you can do if you no longer know to restore the Play Store in any way.

Also Read: 2 Ways to Screenshot on Android with Applications [19659002] But you need to know that using this method will make all your data disappear. To avoid this, you must back up the data before doing this step. The ways are:

  • First you open the menu.
  • Then scroll down until you see the menu [Backto1945] Back up & Reset .
  • Then make sure you activate the menu. Up my Data .
  • And you have to choose an account to save your data.
  • Wait a minute until the data back up process is complete.
  • If you have finished, you can choose Factory Data Reset and confirm.

Well, the display on your smartphone will look like new. To restore previously stored data, you only need to log in again to the account that you used to save your data.

Hopefully the five methods above can help you overcome the damaged Play Store and hope this article can be useful for all of you. Good luck!


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