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5 Ways to Clean Windows 7 Without Easy Reinstallation

Despite the current system
Windows operation has reached version 10, but there are still many people who
using Windows 7 as the operating system used. Certainly thing
has been considered the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 7 so there are still many who use it until

However, along with
time, sometimes the PC or laptop becomes slow because it is often used as well
lack of maintenance. Therefore, it needs cleaning on the PC or
used laptop. Well, to clean Windows 7 without having to go through
reinstall, here's how.

1. Using Windows Backup and Restore

Both Windows 7 and
Windows Vista, there is a feature that is quite useful, namely the "Backup" feature
and Restore ". The function of "Backup and Restore" can restore the computer
in the original condition using only a few options in the Open System

Basically, the features are
This one is very easy to use. However, to be able to use it without
problem then you need a Restore Point. On a computer that is already on
built-up, this restore point has been provided previously. However, if it is on
in a computer there is no restore point, so we must use a method

2. Uninstall programs that are rarely used

You need to know that
the more programs and software installed on a computer or laptop,
the more burdensome the computer itself. Therefore, the first step
it's a good idea to delete or uninstall a few
programs that you don't use or need. This step too
can reduce the burden on the hard drive.

For the software itself,
You can try using several ways to uninstall software in windows in seconds or how to uninstall computer applications easily from various sources. Even so, you are
Also you should use a number of additional applications to help remove it
some garbage when uninstalled. You can try searching for yourself on
various reliable sources.

3. Clean the Windows Registry

The next way you can
try is cleaning the Registry in Windows. As you already know
that a program or software that we have removed or uninstalled,
there are a number of Windows registry that accumulate. That makes
computers and laptops that we use become very slow. Therefore,
Windows registry cleaners must be absolutely done. You can try several
applications that can be used to clean the Windows Registry such as Wise
Registry Cleaner. To be able to run several programs like this, there is
it's good that you have done a data backup using "Backup and Restore". Because,
if you erase the registry incorrectly, it can make it worse
Damage to PC or Laptop.

4. Turn off the Startup program

If you are still having trouble
by using the two previous methods, then you can use the fourth method
this, namely turning off the startup program. Long boot times can occur
because a PC or laptop has too many applications or installed
software. Therefore, turning off the start-up program can be a solution

To be able to turn off
This startup program, we start from clicking Start on the toolbar. After that, at
search box, you just type "msconfig". Then, all you have to do is direct it
on the Startup tab and look at some of the programs listed
the. Some of the programs running on the list are programs
which runs automatically when the computer or laptop is turned on. You can
disable programs that run automatically when we turn on
computer or laptop. the method itself is to uncheck it
some applications on the left. After that, click OK as a sign
approval. That way, some unchecked applications will not

5. Perform a restore on Windows Default

This is often done when we want to
make feature changes in Windows. Such changes certainly make
computers and laptops that are used become very slow. The easiest way
to make it back "fast" is to do a restore or repeat
return to the initial settings. To be able to do this, it is necessary
several ways such as:

For the browser, you can
use the internet option menu in the Windows Control panel. Inside it,
There are several default buttons for security, privacy, programs
and the advanced section. We can also get this from Google Chrome
and Firefox.

For Windows Firewall, we are
can access it in the control panel. In this section, there are many choices
for the default firewall rstore located on the left. Important to note
that you do not need to use this option if you have made settings
firewall before.

That's the way to clean Windows 7 without having to reinstall. You can also learn about how to clean up junk files on PC easily from various sources. Hope it is useful.


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