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5 Ways to Clean Up Trash Files on PC Easily

Every second of our time
using a PC, unconsciously, we have piled up trash inside the PC. Thing
This can occur because there is a buildup of remaining files
left by an application program that was deleted before like
temporary, cache, etc.

If the files are
continuously stacked, then our hard disk memory will be more full. Then of
that, it needs several ways to clean up junk files on PC. Actually there is
two ways that must be used, namely using software and without software. For
own ways, you can see below.

Without software

The first method is
using the Run function on a PC. By using this function, we can
look for temp folders which generally have temporary or temporarily files.
The files in this temp folder cannot be deleted automatically and
can only be done manually. For more details, here are the steps.

  1. Open the Run program by going to Start-> All Programs-> Accesories-> Run. You can also use the keyboard shortcut, "Windows + R".
  2. After the Run program runs, next is to type "% temp%" and press "Enter" or OK.
  3. Next we will be taken to a directory folder the contents of which are various garbage applications that are stored. You can delete various files in it.
  4. If there are some files and folders that cannot be deleted, then there may be several applications that are still running on the computer. You can skip ahead.
  5. If the temporary file has been deleted, the next step is to delete the emporray file in Windows. The method itself reopens the Run application, then type "temp" and click OK or press "Enter".
  6. The next step we will enter into the temporary Windows directory. Delete all files that are in it and exit immediately.
  7. Temporary files that have been deleted before, are not really deleted permanently, all files that we have deleted will go into the recycle bin.
  8. Enter into recycle bin to delete all files manually or by right-clicking on the recycle bin icon and then selecting empty recycle bin.
  9. After that, you can see the difference in the amount of hard disk memory before it is erased and after deleting the file.

Disk cleanup is wrong
one feature that was provided by Windows when we installed the system
operating Windows. The main function of this Disk Cleanup is cleaning the PC
from various kinds of garbage such as cacche, temporary, recycle bin, and various
other kinds of junk files. For the steps themselves, we can see

  1. Open Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start -> button
    All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools-> Disk Cleanup.
  2. After the window in the Drive section is open, select it
    Drive C then click OK.
  3. If so, wait until the scanning process is complete
  4. Then tick the selection to be deleted and press "OK"
    to clean it.
  5. When the question "Are You Sure You Wany to"
    Permanently delete these files? ", Then you just click the delete files button.
  6. After that, the computer can be free of various kinds
    junk file.

Using Software

The next method is
using software. Some examples of software that you can use are
as follows.

This one application is sufficient
powerful used as a garbage cleaning software that is famous for the Operating System
Windows In this software, you can clean junk files on
computer quickly and precisely. Examples such as way
remove cacche in chrome PC or way
repair slow laptops . You can also use this CCleaner at
the official website.

The next application which is
you can use is Glary Utilities. This one application has 5 functions
The main thing that you can use, namely clean and repair, optimize, privacy and
security files and folders, and also system tools. These features can
clean up junk files that settle on your PC or laptop.

The next application that
can be a mainstay named Slim Cleaner. This application can also be used
to uninstall programs that we don't want. This is certainly very
makes it easy for us to clean up some unused applications with
junk files.

Those are 5 ways to clean up junk files on PC easily. Basically, we must be diligent in cleaning the PC that we use. Not only clean from the hardware side, but also the software must be cleaned. If you have a laptop that has a lot of junk files, then you can learn how to clean your laptop from junk files permanently and several other tutorials that are on the internet. Hopefully this article can provide many benefits for you and all dear readers.


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