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5 Ways to Clean Android Phone Memory Easily

Have you ever felt annoyed
HP memory suddenly full? Surely this is very annoying because
we can't save the media we want like photos, videos, and
some other documents. the only way to relieve cellphone memory
is to delete some of the memory. However, we confuse memory
what should we delete? What if the memory that we delete is a file
urgent? To answer your question, you should follow a few tips
following this.

1. Uninstall the default application

The default application is
contained in the cellphone sometimes not much that we use. Indeed on
Basically the default application can help users in supporting
its activities. However, if the application has never been used by
us, then the application only fills the HP memory only. Therefore, it will
it's better if we uninstall the default application.

How to uninstall the application
default sometimes quite difficult because we have protected the application
by the developer. The only thing we can do is deactivate it
only. For its own way, first enter the "Settings" section then enter
the "App" section and select "All App". There are many applications that are
installed on your smartphone. You simply disable the default application
and also select "Disable". That way, the application will no longer work.

2. Remove Application Cache

Maybe you are still confused
what is cache. Basically cache is memory that is currently stored
we run the program. For example, just when we open the browser and
browsing activities, logging in, downloading, and some of it, then
all activities will be recorded as cache memory. Therefore,
it is not surprising if when we close and reopen the browser, then
all history and some of our accounts are still active. However, more often
we use the browser or other application, the greater the cache memory
stored on the cellphone.

Therefore, it would be much better if you delete the cache memory periodically so that the HP memory does not continue to swell. The way to clear cache memory is to go to the "Settings" section, then select "All App". Choose the application that has a large storage memory. The average application that has a large storage memory there is a large enough cache memory too. Next "clear the cache" and wait until the process is complete. if successful, the memory in the application will decrease.

3. Deleting downloaded files

Some of us sometimes
didn't realize that downloaded files are very rarely moved or deleted. even though
even downloaded files if stacked continuously will increase the HP memory. That matter
also makes the phone feel slow and sometimes experience a hang.

For that you should
delete all download files that are usually in the "Download" folder. try
You check the "Download" folder in the HP file manager application
each. Usually each cell phone has a file manager type
different ones. After opening it, you just enter the Download folder
and delete all files in it. If there are important files, you should
move it to a special folder so that it doesn't get deleted.

4. Move applications and files to external memory

One option for
cleaning up HP's internal memory is to move files like
applications, games and various other files on external memory. Though to
All application transfer options cannot be done because there are only a few
only applications that can be moved.

How to move files
relatively easy because we only copy-paste it on each file. While
for the application itself, we can move it through the settings. First enter
go to the "Settings" section and select "All App". Select the application and see if there are any
"move to SD card" option or not? If there is an option, then we
just choose and wait for the application transfer process to complete. if
successful, then the internal memory will start empty because the application already
transferred to external memory.

5. Using Cloud Applications

Currently, data storage
it doesn't have to go through internal memory or use external memory. With more and more
the rise of cloud
server allows us to directly compile various kinds of data
on line. For photo data, we can use Google Photos as a standard
Save photos and videos. Likewise with other files, we can
take advantage of Google Drive. With this Coud system, internal memory can
a relief. You can select the type option
cloud computing according to your needs.

Basically, how to clean data on HP is not much different from how to clean laptops from junk files permanently . If your Miro SD has been damaged, you can learn how to repair damaged Micro SD V-Gen easily. Hope it can be useful.


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