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5 Terviral Prank Actions That Are Dangerous, Even Until the End of Death!

Working on friends or making them embarrassed in public is a very pleasant act for some people. Usually this action is called the term 'Prank'.

Prank has many types such as scaring friends, trapping friends and so on. This prank action is also very popular on Youtube even viewers from each prank action have a lot of audience than other content.

That's why youtubers love to make prank content on their youtube channel. But you also have to look at the conditions and situations where you will make a prank, you should not exceed the limit when you want to make a prank. following 5 dangerous terviral prank actions, even to the point of death.

1. Prank Snake

 Prank snake

Image: Youtube

Prank using dangerous animals is not something worth doing. Because the snake might endanger the victim who will be pranked.

On this youtube channel named Derekdeso, he plans to prank his sleeping girlfriend using a very dangerous animal, the python snake.

The snake is placed on the body his girlfriend and when he was woken up, his girlfriend shouted for help from them to get rid of the python from his body. Although the snake was already tame, the facial expression shown by his girlfriend was indeed very frightened.

Not only screaming, his girlfriend also cried out from the feeling of being very afraid of the snake. This video has been watched 13 million times on the Derekdeso youtube channel.

We recommend that if you want to make a prank you have to estimate the fear side of the prank victim as well.

2. Prank Clown killer

 Prank clown killer

Image: Youtube

If you who have watched IT movies, you know the pennywise who became the killer clown in the film. Well, in this prank video the clown is displayed the same as a killer clown or pennywise.

With a youtube channel called DM Prank's Killer Clowns, they plan to use prank clown costumes and scare the people around who want to pass in the area with various

As in the video entitled 'Killer Clown Returns Scare Prank!', the man wearing the clown costume looks like he wants to bury some of the bodies he packs in plastic.

And when a potential victim pranks past the lonely place, the clown will look at them and chase them with the hoe he holds. The prank victim was even faster running from the place.

Who is not afraid and feels scary when he sees something like that? Although this prank is classified as very dangerous and frightening, this prank video has been watched 88 million times on the DM Prank's Killer Clowns youtube channel.

3. Ghost Prank

 Ghost Prank

Image: Youtube

Ghosts are one of the things that are feared for some people. Because the stature is very scary. By utilizing these fears, those who are unidentified are planning to make pranks in the form of kuntilanak ghosts.

These prank videos are viral to get to Instagram. Because there are some events that make us not think. Starting from the person trying to prank on the streets of the capital, they confronted several cars that passed the street that at the time looked lonely.

Men who wore white robes and long wig hair tried to scare the person from the side of the car. And one of the men who also wore the same robe also tried to scare him from the front of the car.

What was wrong, instead of being afraid and stopped, the car actually stuck the gas and hit the person who had worked on it. As a result, the man who frightened from the front of the car was seriously injured in the leg section.

Well, this one, don't follow the example, guys, because you can make yourself hurt.

4. Smoke Prank

 Smoke Prank

Image: Youtube

Do you think prank using car exhaust fumes looks funny? if you think it's a funny thing, you have to change that perspective because in the prank video that had the chance to viral on social media it actually ended in death.

Originally it started with a man who wanted to work on his friend who was busy sleeping in a car with the position of the window opened and the legs sticking out of the window. Seeing his friend who slept soundly, made this man desperate to work with the exhaust smoke from the car so that his friend woke up.

As a result the black exhaust smoke entered and filled his friend's car through the open window. Instead of waking up, his friend didn't wake up from his sleep.

And after being examined it turned out that his friend suffocated due to monoxide gas poisoning released from the exhaust of his friend's car.

With this happening, we learned that joking it must also be well thought out. Do not let too much jokes make people lose their lives.

5. Prank Mutilation

 Prank Mutilation

Image: Youtube

This one is a pretty creepy prank, because a sister desperately turns her attic into a murder location.

So after her sister came home and rushed to her attic , he was surprised to see that his brother's body parts had been set to be mutilated at first.

And after he wanted to find help, he instead saw a man wearing a mask and carrying a sword came running towards him. With great fear, the brother jumped through the attic window of his house.

Fortunately, the attic was on the second floor, and his brother only sprained on the wrist.

We should not need to do a prank that is harmful to ourselves and people. other. Because besides this is prohibited by the State, this act can also endanger those who are victims of prank, especially if they lose their lives.


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