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5 Sophisticated Technology in Movies in the Real World, Already Know?

Lately there have been a lot of films presenting themes about advanced technology that make us amazed. Call it like Marvel films like Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and others. The film tells of a superhero who has extraordinary abilities from the advanced technology he made.

Not only Marvel, the film, titled Star Wars, directed by George Lucas also drew the attention of the audience who were very fond of science-fiction genre films. Star wars also have several advanced technologies that we unknowingly already exist in the real world.

The question is, do these advanced technologies make it possible for humans to be created today? The answer is of course. Even without realizing it, we already have what we use now.

1. Artificial Intelligence


Image: Quora

Artificial intelligence has always been an attraction in some superhero films. For example, just like in the Avengers movie, in this film the artificial intelligence is commonly referred to as J.A.R.V.I.S. Jarvis is the faithful head waiter of The Avengers. In the film Iron Man, J.A.R.V.I.S which helps Stark to carry out the superhero's work mission. J.A.R.V.I.S. is an abbreviation of Just a Rather Very Intelligent System (19459015) (Only a very smart system).

Now we can feel the greatness of this system with smartphones for free, using Google Assistant. Just like JARVIS, Google Assistant can help us do daily activities just by calling 'Hay Google' then you can ask Google to look for what you are looking for.

No keyboard needed to type and can save time when you are in urgent time. How is it You already feel like Tony Stark when using Google Assistant, not yet?

2. Hologram


Image: mirror.co.uk

In general, a hologram is a process of displaying an image formed by the formation of a beam mixing pattern when two laser beams collide on one holographic surface.

One of the beam is called the Reference Beam, a ray that does not bounce off an object, while another beam is called the Object Bea because it bounces and hits an object. Holographic technology was also applied to several programs on television, which proved that the sophistication of technology is currently very influential to captivate viewers because it looks unique.

Holograms also appear on avengers and star wars. And now we can see the sophistication of this technology on television, such as at events that present news, entertainment, etc.

3. Bionic Arm

 Bionic Arm

Image: elsemanario.com

If you are a big fan of Star Wars, you know that Luke and his father lost their hands and were replaced with normal functioning bionic limbs. And finally Luke and his father managed to defeat the enemy using their hands.

Maybe we think this technology is only in films, but biomedical engineers have created this tool to be real. This Biomedical Engineer has designed limbs to provide movable abilities. This bionic arm can be used to help those who lose their arms and get a replacement that can perform several different functions, such as using locks and zippers. original because it can read the "command" signal sent by the brain. The sophistication of this technology is proven to help many people and can be sold commercially because it has been approved by the FDA (food and drug institutions in America).

4. Flying Car

 Flying Car

Image: auto.oe24.at

If you have ever watched a film called Blade Runner released in 1982, you must have seen a flying car that appeared in this film. The main character is Harrison Ford who plays Rick Deckard, a Blade Runner detective in charge of tracking down cloned humans.

Overview of flying car technology and a Voight-Kampff engine used to uncover the emotional side of real humans and cloned humans are some of them. Now, this flying car is being produced through the Slovak pilot company, AeroMobil. Judging from the interior and exterior design of this car is very sophisticated. This flying car also participated in the automotive show show in Germany. In the process this car has made repairs to the 4.0 series. This means that this flying car is the latest flying car at the moment.

From version 3.0, the power produced is 100 hp or 74 kilowatts with a top speed of 124 miles per hour in the air and 160 km per hour on the road. Fuel consumption, as much as 35.3 miles per gallon (eight liters / 100 km) on the road, while, 4 gallons per hour (15 liters per hour in the air). Then, there are seat belts with pyrotecnic technology, double airbags, to emergency parachutes. This flying car is rumored to be priced at 1.5 million dollars and is expected to be able to air in 2020.

Increasingly impatient with the innovation of this super sophisticated flying car, right?

5. Iron Man

 Flying Suit in Iron Man Style

Image: nulis.co.id

Like in the Iron Man movie, Tony Stark can fly freely using high-tech costumes that he designed himself to use as weapons self defense. He can do a lot with this costume, one of which is flying. Thanks to his admiration for Iron Man, this 39-year-old man named Richard Browning created a special costume that made him fly freely like the Iron Man on film.

He created a mini jet that he put on his back, while a smaller jet who served as a stabilizer he put on the hands and feet. and in his first experiment, this costume can fly it in half a meter high. This tool is named as Daedalus, and this Browning project is also sponsored by RS Components (one of the suppliers of global mechanical equipment and components. What about it? You are interested in trying out costumes like this?

With the sophistication of the above tools, it is possible for humans to continue develop and create technology that can help everyone, and thanks to technology, everything can be done easily and efficiently, technology can change the world even better.


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