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5+ Short Drama Examples (For 2, 4, 5, 6 or 7 people)

Drama is a type of literary work that can describe the motion in human life. The drama also illustrates the reality of life, character to human behavior through dialogue and participation that will be staged. Stories and stories in dramas such as conflicts and emotional burdens will be specifically displayed in the theater.

Playing a drama is well-made and also suitable for the audience to enjoy. Drama also requires qualities like the action situation to communication . These qualities can be seen from how a conflict or problem can be presented with the whole and in the drama being staged.

Example of a Short Drama

Below will give examples of some short plays that will be played by several people, along with examples from drama the brief:

1. Dramatic Examples for 2 People

 Short Dramatic Examples for 2 People

Following are short drama examples for 2 people on Friendship.

Cast 1: Nayla

Cast 3: Freya

2 Become 1 [1]

In Freya's room, Nayla came and sat on the edge of the bed. while Freya was lying in his bed.

Nayla: Frey, what are you doing?

Freya: Why is that nay, I'm just a little stressed because the PTN entrance examination is just a little longer.

Nayla: Oooh so that's what makes you confined in the room all the time? Then your mama said, you eat a little.

Freya: Yes, I'm not in the mood to do anything.

Nayla: Frey, don't do that. If you don't eat, then keep yourself locked in your room, then you will get sick. Then if you are sick, you will not be able to take the PTN entrance examination. The more complicated the affairs.

Freya: Yes, yes, but what to do? I'm confused.

Nayla: What are you confused about, Frey?

Freya: I'm confused, later if I don't enter PTN, what should I do?

Nayla: Now, don't think about the results first. You just study hard, diligently answer last year's exam questions. Matters of the results later.

Freya: Already, Nay. But I'm still afraid to imagine if I'm not accepted.

Nayla: I think you need to refresh. Let your head not mumet. What if we study together? We can find a place out there like parks, cafes, and others. So that you are not depressed, you can also see a good view and continue to breathe fresh air. What do you think?

Freya: Wow, that's a good idea. I also want to breathe fresh air. My brain is already very boring.

Nayla: Alright come on.

Freya: Thank you Nay, you are always there when I need help.

Nayla: Yes, both Frey.

Freya: Thank you Nay, you are always there when I need help. hugging each other.

2. Dramatic Examples for 4 People

 Malin Kundang

Following are short drama examples for 4 traditional-themed people.

Cast 1: Malin Kundang

Cast 2: Mother or Mande

Cast 3 : Princess

Actor 4: Ujang

Malin Kundang

Malin kundang was a child who had long migrated and left his hometown. He continued to wander and try his luck to get a good life. He left his mother or what might be called Mande in his native land. And in the end, Malin Kundang was successful and later married the daughter of a wealthy merchant. And then he returned to his native land with his wife.

Malin Kundang: O my wife, this is the land where I was born (Showing darata on a boat).

Princess: Very beautiful city of your birth, Kanda. [19659002] Mother (Mande): (running limping toward Malin) Malin? Are you that kid? (shouting)

Ujang: Mande, slowly run (while carrying Mande's shoulder.

Putri: Who is that woman and young man, Kanda?

Malin Kundang: (shocked) Kanda doesn't know dinda. it is only a beggar who asks for donations from us Don't mind, just let him be.

Mother (Mande): Malin, this is my child, have you forgotten the mother who gave birth to you son?

Exam: (crying) The patient Patient Mande.

Malin Kundang: Hey old woman! Don't you ever dare and claim you are my mother. Go away! My mother is not an old and frail woman like you, after all my mother has also died long ago. Get out of here! you kotori my ship (snapped).

Ujang: Astaghfirullah Malin … How could you be with your biological mother.

Mother (Mande): (Crying) O God, why has my child changed and become like this, O God? my fault, O Allah? If it is true he is not my son, then forgive him h he's the one who insulted me. But if he is truly my son, then the law he has disobeyed me, O Allah (raise hands).

And suddenly there was a thunder, and a great roar. A big storm arrived and came. Malin's ship also capsized. And quickly, lightning grabbed Malin Kundang's body and his wife. But, strangely they actually turned into stone.

3. Dramatic Examples for 5 People

 Short Dramatic Examples for 5 People

Following are examples of short dramas for 5 people with a comedy theme.

Cast 1: Pirates

Cast 2: Skippers

Cast 3: Warrior 1

Cast 4: Warrior 2

Cast 5: Fisherman

Final Request

One day on an unnamed island, a group of pirate troops were entering a forest area to look for food in the form of fruits or animals that can be eaten.

Warrior 1: Boss, we already surrounded this island, but the treasure has not been found.

Warrior 2: Yes boss, we are tired of this.

Nahkoda: Halah you guys, still also surrounds an island already tired, how about me first. I've traveled around 34 islands. Never tired.

Pirates: Already … we continue to search for treasure when we have finished eating.

The pirate warriors continued to walk along the island, and in the middle of the road they found a fisherman carrying a chest. treasure.

Warrior 1: Boss, boss … It looks like a treasure chest.

Warrior 2: Yes boss … we must seize it.

Nahkoda: Wahh … how dare he take our treasure boss.

Pirate: Come attack him.

The soldier ambushed the person and tied him to a tree.

Pirate: HAHAHAHAHAHAH How dare you take my treasure

Fisherman: I'm sorry. I only found it behind a stone. I'm sorry.

Pirate: All right, I'll forgive you. I'll give you one last request.

Fisherman: Really?

Pirate: Yes, just one request, yes

Fisherman: Anything? Really?

Pirates: Yes, anything. Just one. I am being kind enough,

Fisherman: Promise?

Pirate: Yes, promise. An unlawful pirate breaks his promise.

Fisherman: All right, then I have a request. Let me go, let me go with this treasure.

The pirates were shocked. And then the soldier freed the fisherman.

4. Drama Examples for 6 People

 Short Drama Examples for 6 People

The following are examples of short dramas for 6 people on friendship themes.

Cast 1: Anton

Cast 2: Bayu

Cast 3: Dodi

Cast 4: Ehsan

Cast 5: Ilham


One day 5 friends were playing football in the village where they lived. They often play football in the afternoon in the field. And now they are resting on the edge of the field.

Bayu: Dod, what do you bring with your mother? (while opening the lunch box)

Dodi: I was brought with fried chicken. If you are Bay?

Bayu: I was brought a large shrimp stock with my bundle. Because yesterday my father caught shrimp with Ehsan's father.

Dodi: So do you also use shrimp San?

Ehsan: Yes Dod. I'm the same as Bayu (smiling sumringan).

Dodi: Waaahhh delicious … I also really like shrimp. If you are ham?

Ilham: I was brought a vegetable of sweet potato leaves with fish sauce, Dod. My favorite food.

Dodi: Wahhh, that is equally delicious. How about you, Ton?

Anton: (smirking) I don't have lunch. My mother worked early in the morning because my brother was going to high school. Therefore father and mother must be actively seeking money. So my mother didn't have the chance to make me lunch ([sad])

Dodi: Yes, Ton. You can still eat with us.

Anton: What do you mean?

Ehsan: What if we are busy eating so Anton can eat, our food too?

Ilham: How do you do it?

Ehsan: Look Alright, what if we eat it using banana leaves? So our food, we pour it into the banana leaf. So we can all eat together.

Dodi: That's a good idea. Come on!

Ilham and Bayu take a banana leaf not far from their place. And they all poured their food into the banana leaf. They eat well.

Anton: Thank you, friends. Only you friends understand my situation.

Bayu: Ready. Just relax, Ton (smile).

5. Drama Examples for 7 People

 Short Drama Examples for 7 People

Following are examples of short plays for 7 traditional-themed people.

Cast 1: Bima

Cast 2: Akil

Cast 3: Niki

Cast 4: Budi

Cast 5: Juna

Cast 6: Puja

Cast 7: Wira

Race 17 August

There was a group of children who wanted to participated in the competition on August 17 in his village. They followed the areca climbing competition.

Bima: Let's jump over to know where we stand. Whoever wins, he will get the lowest position.

The six friends nod together and they do the hompimpa.

Akil: Yahhhhh … I do.

Niki: Hahahahah yaslahah kil, you are already the most suitable position at the bottom.

Akil sullen.

Bima: Alright, let's continue.

They continued to do the overthrow until they found the lowest position, i.e. Akil – Budi – Puja – Bima – Niki – Juna – Wira. Wira found the top position. Where he was assigned to take the prize and the flag.

Bima: Remember, in this game, we need team cohesion.

Budi: Yes, we also have to be able to work together, don't take it too long.

Juna: Wira, don't fall.

Puja: Yes, and don't forget to take the flag.

Wira: Relax, I'm used to climbing climbing.

Akil: Your style is Wir.

And they are also get ready for their positions.

Akil: Don't take too long, okay? This is really heavy, I am at the bottom of the matter.

Budi: Just take a kil. I went up.

Akil nodded and followed by Puja, Bima and Juna who were riding on their shoulders.

Juna: Be careful Wir, the pin is really slippery.

Wira: yeah I'm going to be careful. I went up, kil.

Akil: Yes, it's fast.

Wira managed to get up and managed to climb the areca nut. His other friends encourage him from below.

Akil: Come on Wir, take the prize.

Budi: Yes just drop everything.

Puja: Don't forget the flag Wir.

But, suddenly Wira suddenly lose balance. He will almost fall down.

Wira: Friends, I slipped a little. Bantuin.

Bima: Wait a minute, Wir.

Bima and his other friends take the mattress that belongs to the committee. And Wira fell.

Wira: Ouch, my back hurts,

Puja: Are you okay, Wir?

Wira: No, fortunately you can help me quickly.

Budi: Thank God. [196591522] ] These are some examples of short dramas for some people. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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