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5 Reasons for the Causes of Unprecedented Indonesian Countries

The reason why and why this country can never progress. There are so many factors that must be addressed when a state leader sits down and orders. Overview of aspects on how to generate a state economy that has already deteriorated. From the previous government, then it became a frightening specter. It makes anyone the state leader then think hard and critically to experience state problems that come almost every second. [Developed countries] in the world that you see now. Maybe it was far below our ranks. But the reality now. We are the ones far below them. Why? this question should be PR for every citizen to take part in jointly giving opinions to build a more advanced Indonesia. Speak from the Struggle of Turkey trying to overthrow the system known as secularism. This system is known as one of the failed systems. Because it was trusted for decades it was unable to bring this country into prosperity.

After secularism collapsed. Beginning of the rise of Islam in Turkey. Because only by using this system can they rise slowly. Until now, other countries have acknowledged the greatness of this government system. Where in the 21st century Turkey entered as a sequence of 20 countries that got the nickname super power. Now we can conclude from this case. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim population. However, it does not strongly apply Islamic law.

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 Legally, it can be ascertained if applying Islamic law this country must be in truth and blessing. In addition to legal factors there are several other factors that are of interest to you, referring to what has been an obstacle to the progress of the Indonesian state will advance, for anyone who reads this, this is obtained through a long process of analysis, not focusing on just one point, so please read carefully and understand carefully. </p>
<h3 style= Reasons and Factors Why Indonesian Countries Are Not Advanced [19659006] 1. Neg fig does not properly apply Islamic law.

Law is indeed made with the fairest rules. State leaders sometimes also enforce Islamic rules in building laws. But the level is only a few percent. Not thoroughly. If you think of reason and the logic of Islamic law is more disciplined than the laws that exist in this world. Law which in my opinion is the fairest in this world. How can we not as Khalifah appointed by Allah as the guardian of nature and the earth.

However, some of the humans often destroy it. Deviated from the initial rules. Because of what ? Because humans have free will. He can freely be whatever they want. To reduce the number of their freedom, the law was made. This law then directs humans to remain in the right corridor. And cannot easily make a rebellion.

For example, if adultery is stoned to death. Stealing hand cut. Applying the death penalty that is true in accordance with the Islamic rules, namely beheading. Just hearing it shivered. How else if you do it? You must be scared. Because if it doesn't mean our common sense is gone.

2. Imposing wives more than 1

It seems trivial with this one. However, if examined properly, this is the biggest problem for the country. Imposing more than 1 wife will be fired from his position if he is an employee. It has been valid for the time of the second president. This system is the best system ever. The second president has thought about this carefully. Because he knows the source of the biggest problem will come if we waste time just thinking about marriage. Bringing other beautiful women to become their second wife. Marriage in the present era is synonymous with prosperity. Because if they are wealthy they can marry up to 10 people at once.

Of course those who only work in low positions are impossible to be able to marry many women. If possible, it is by giving a lot of income by cheating. This will cause things that deviate like, eat the rights of others, corruption and others to provide a living. Besides that it's clear. Time and energy are wasted on this matter. And there is no guarantee of satisfaction if you have married more than 1. Because he will continue to add and add more as his collection. Because there are no restrictions that can stop it.

This situation will cause many hate viruses. For example, many of the rights of people who are deprived, because according to him they are more necessary. In addition, on the women's side, there will be a race to chase people who can provide him enough. This is also the reason for men competing in races as well as luxurious life and glamor. Although you have to get it in an illegitimate way. And hate viruses appear in young people who have lost hope of the difficulties of life. All access is oppressed by people who have power. Look at this fact and a lot of analysis of the problem in this case. Seems trivial. But the impact was very dangerous and very sharp.

3. Individual awareness is still minimal.

We must admit that starting a country can progress towards each individual. The phenomenon of individuals in this country is still indifferent. Don't care about each other. Mocking blasphemies and pitting sheep. Nice to see people hard. want to be good yourself and win yourself. Always oppress the weak. Don't like to be fair. Feel great when doing deviant behavior and doing evil. Crime gets a positive response, goodness is always ignored. And there are many other phenomenon phenomena. I don't know what made this individual proud of this useless achievement. And maybe friends who read this also often experience and see the same event.

If we compare it with individuals who live in developed countries. There is not a single strange thing there, a country that even the majority is not Muslim, but the level of appreciation is higher. No matter how small the form there is, it is appreciated and even invited to work together to develop talents and achievements. Apart from that there are still many other good virtues that we deserve to be examples of.

4. Employment filled by people who are not qualified And are not experts in their field.

Maybe you will ask why we are a point or because the country is not advanced. ? This phenomenon is clearly visible and very clear. In Indonesia alone employment is still very difficult. Work is just just working. Sometimes there are so many that we see Bachelor of communication or undergraduate fisheries or mining works in companies engaged in civil engineering or construction. Obviously this is not their realm. Suppose that those who complete college education are in accordance with their interests and talents. But after graduating because of the difficulty of applying for a job that suits his talents and interests. Then you have to swallow the harsh reality, that they work in a place that is willing to accept them.

In fact, this situation can be done by everyone, whether they want it or not, they have to learn something new. Lessons that have been filled since the beginning of the lecture must be gone. Because you got a job in another field. For the sake of fulfilling economic needs after graduating from school or not, they cannot or cannot work. There is a saying that says "IF ONE STORY WAS SUBMITTED TO THAT WAS NOT THE EXPERT, THEN IT HAD BEEN HURTED". For people who are knowledgeable, they will say this proverb is proven, but for those who do not, they will say it is normal. Especially now that we can be accepted to work if we know people. Or this term is usually known as an insider. If there can be entered, if not then it cannot enter.

5. Laws that can still be bought with money and power

Law in Indonesia seems to me correct. And the law has been upheld as fairly as fair. But actually the law is not wrong. Errors are in law enforcement. As quoted from several sources from the internet that. If observed carefully the law only applies to people who have a low fortune level in other words "apes". For those who do not have money, they will always accept the law as fairly as possible. but this reality will be different for those who have money and the cycle of power. Easily cancel the law as they wish. If you want to be disappointed you can, but this is how it is. To find a leader who can overcome this. Because if the law is upright as fair as possible, there is no doubt. This country is progressing by itself.


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