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5 Purpose of Computer Security & Explanation [LENGKAP]

Computer security / computer security or known as IT security, cybersecurity is information security that is applied in computers and their networks. The goal is to help the user / user can prevent fraud, or can detect if there is an attempt to fraud in a system based on information.

The system for computer security is an effort / effort that can be done in securing a performance and also a computer process. The application of computer security has many benefits, namely as a source of guards for the system so as not to be disturbed, modified, interrupted and not used by unauthorized users.

Computer security systems can be identified through several problems such as majerial, technical, politician, and legality. Computer security covers 2 things, namely system vulnerability and threats.

5 Computer Security Objectives

 Computer Security Objectives Computer security has requirements for computers which are certainly different from other requirements in general. Which involves restrictions on computer systems that cannot be done.

This makes the computer security system quite difficult to design so that it still produces good performance and does not cause negative impacts when carrying out certain verification on the computer. Computer security has a technical strategy system that can change negatives into positives so as to prevent adverse events.

In improving computer security can be done with several approaches such as the application of mechanisms in hardware (hardware) and operating systems , limiting some access to the computer that is in the form of physical access, as well as making specific strategies for programs to produce a good and reliable programming system.

Why is a security needed on a computer system? The following are some of the reasons for the importance of computer security:

1. To minimize the risk of threats that can occur in a company or institution. The purpose of an intruder attacking a computer system is:

  • Want to know, just want to know the type of system that is applied or the intruder is interested in the system.
  • Destroyer, usually this type of intruder will threaten the computer system used because the intruder will change even damage your system.
  • For the sake of popularity, this type of intruder usually only does that because it is filled with curiosity. After successfully hacking a system one will feel satisfied with yourself because it has succeeded. And with that an intruder feels proud and can even be a promotional event for his expertise / skills.
  • Competitors, usually these intruders feel attracted to the data contained in the existing system, because it can provide a large profit. financially against him.

2. To protect the system against vulnerabilities, it means that the system will not give permission to persons who are not entitled to enter the system.

3. To protect the system against other disturbances, such as natural disturbances (lightning strikes, etc.)

According to experts computer security namely Spafford and Garfinkel if a computer can be relied upon and software (software) can work in accordance with what is expected to be said to be a safe computer.

The purpose of designing a computer security is 5 points . These five points have different objectives namely, as follows:

 complete computer security goals

1. Availability

Aspect availability relates to the availability of data / information whether it is needed or needed. If an information / data has difficult access, it means that security has been made with high integrity. If data access is slow, it will hamper the achievement of this availability .

This aspect is often attacked in the DoS (Denial of Service) system, which will frustrate the service when there is a request for information / data so that the operating computer is not operating able to serve it.

For example from DoS is when sending a request with an excessive amount will cause the operating computer can not accept the load so there is a down on the computer.

If the computer is in an unsafe condition, then what should be questioned is how about aspects availability . If an exploit occurs on the computer system by the attacker, shutdown your computer.

2. Integrity

Aspect integrity refers to information that can only be changed by the owner of the information which means that it cannot be changed by anyone else. Sometimes there is some data that has been encrypted but the integrity is not maintained because the chapertext in the encryption has changed.

Integrity aims to make the data submitted intact, consistent and the same. So there is no change or insertion made by the attacker on that information. Integrity relates to the validation of information with verification on a computer

For example, an integrity attack occurs in an e-mail, that is, when sending an e-mail, it can be changed because it has been tapped by an irresponsible person who has resulted in e-mail the contents no longer have the same contents.

3. Control

The purpose of computer security is to control the third means that all information contained on the computer can be guarded, monitored or controlled. So that the data can be monitored all its activities in a computer system.

4. Audit

Audit aspects of computer security have a very important role, namely to find out the log, but it can also be used to check the computer for weaknesses in the system, find and find out computer weaknesses and for improvement.

5. Confidentiality

Aspect c onfidentiality is that if we give or send data to other people for a specific purpose / specifically the distribution will be well maintained. For example, a person's personal data: name, telephone number, national ID number, address, etc.

The purpose of confidentiality is to maintain confidentiality on the computer so that it is not misused by irresponsible people, especially attackers. For this reason, several actions such as cyrptography are performed, using secure mode and restricting access.

Thus the contents of the article about the 5 purposes of computer security and its explanation, hopefully reading the above review can add to your insight.


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