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5 of the World's Most Feared Hacker Groups, No. 3 Famous for Goodness!

Hacking and stealing important data contained in a system was a very prohibited crime behavior today. Not only is it a big loss for the victims, but it can also be detrimental to the whole society. For example, there are those who intentionally hack into websites and systems owned by a country because they do not approve policies made by the country.

People who are able to hack and steal important data are also called hackers. Apart from all that, it does not rule out the possibility of a hacker who also has a good soul and helps others. For example, hackers who break into the accounts of several corruptors and donate all the money they have earned to several charitable organizations.

And you know that hackers also have their own team or group, and even better this hacker group is feared all over the world. What are the hacker groups?

1. globalHell


Image: blog.radware.com

GlobalHell hacker group was founded by a street thug named Patrick Gregory. Gregory turned to cyberspace with the aim to be free from the crime he made on the streets. After he managed to get out of his evil deeds on the streets, he did evil on the internet.

The crimes ever made by Globalhell are accused of being responsible for damage to 115 sites and resulting in losses of millions of US dollars. The victim of this globalHell attack was the site of the American Army, where they defended the action and wrote the phrase "global hell will not die" on the site. However, Gregory finally succeeded in being arrested by the police and claimed to have caused a loss of up to USD 2.5 million due to the action.

2. NCPH (Network Crack Program Hacker Group)

 hacker group

Image: Telset.id

This hacker group was formed for the first time in Zingong, China in 1994 ago. The hacker group only had 10 members with 4 people as core players in the group in 2006. The Network Crack Group Hacker Group or commonly referred to as NCPH is also led by someone who has the Wicked Rose username and whose real name is Tan Dailin.

Their hacking was successful when hacking into many other hacker association sites in China. Until 2006, Wicked Rose created a software called GinWui Rootkit with the aim of attacking the US Department of Defense.

3. Anonymous

 hacker group

Image: 2.bp.blogspot.com

Some of you must have heard about this one hacker group. Because this hacker group already has more than 5600 members. With such fantastic members, many people were afraid of this one hacker group.

This group was formed in 2003 and they have the characteristic of using the Guy Fawkes mask or more commonly known as V for Vendetta. Anonymous is a group of hackers who are most against scientology, corruption and homophobia.

To be part of Anonymous it is not necessary to take part in registration or anything, because this group is made only for people who have the same interests and not an organization . Therefore everyone can become Anonymous. Anonymous also has a very famous slogan, namely:

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us "

One of the cases ever carried out by anonymous was in October 2015, Anonymous managed to cripple 40 illegal child pornography sites. Members of this group discovered the site's cache on October 14 while browsing the Hidden Wiki secret site. At the same time, Anonymous found hundreds of underground sites that were not visible in search engines.

These hackers specifically targeted the site sharing files for Lolita City pedophiles (sites that facilitate sharing images that illustrate the exploitation of young people) and leak 1,589 active names the members went public on 18 October 2011. In the campaign "Operation Darknet", this group also revealed the dark side of the internet called "darknet" which was not accessible to ordinary users. And anonymous has also broken into corruptor accounts and donated all of the proceeds to several charity organizations with a total of US $ 1 million.

Because of these actions this group is also commonly referred to as Robin Hood in cyberspace. But this act is not allowed because stealing something is a crime that is prohibited by the state. How is it Do you think that the actions of the Anonymous group are a crime or vice versa?

4. MilW0rm


Image: SourceForge

MilWrr had attacked India's main nuclear research facility, the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), as a form of protest against their anti-nuclear activities in 1998. Starting from the UK, US, Russa, and New Zealand, they managed to break into the firewall of the facility, then get the latest e-mail and research data, delete data from 2 of the 8 existing servers, and write an anti-nuclear message on their website. [19659028] As a result all similar institutions directly improve the security of their systems because they can have a major impact on their companies. The attack had a member who was 15 years old.

After several months since the incident, MilW0rm's name was more and more well-known for successfully attacking hosting company called EasySpace which only one hour anti-nuclear messages appeared on 300 other websites, including sites Saudi Royal Family, Wibledon, Ritz Hotel, and Fifa World Cup.

5. Level Seven Crew

 hacker group

Image: 2.bp.blogspot.com

As the name of the hacker group, this group is among the most unique because the name Seven Level Crew group is believed to be derived from the name of the 7th level of hell to Dante Alighieri's famous poem "The Inferno". This Seven Crew level has succeeded in hacking more than 60 computer systems including the American National Bank, Sheraton Hotel and NASA.

The Seven Crew Level is a group well known for their attacks on the American Embassy in China, with motives to protest against bombing errors. US against the Chinese embassy. Their actions are mostly based on the act of "Hacktivism", which is a form of online activism that is outside of personal goals. But in 2000 this group was disbanded, but it was reported that it was right on February 10, 2013, the group began to be reformed.

Well, that's some of the most feared hacker groups in the world because of its greatness in hacking systems that have complex security systems. And not completely hackers are bad deeds, because being a hacker we can still help many people.


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