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5+ Multimedia Components and Explanations [LENGKAP]

Multimedia is defined as the use of computers in presenting and combining text, images, sound / audio, video and animation with tools (tools) and links (connections) so that users can navigate, work, communicate and interact.

Multimedia is used in the world of informatics. It is also used in the world of games and to make a website and is used in the business world and education . In the business world, the use of multimedia as a training system e-learning, product profiles, media company profiles, and information kiosk media.

Multimedia Components

Initially multimedia was only used in the consumption of the sense of sight (text , dynamic images, moving images for video and animation); consumption of the sense of hearing (sound) and tangible (form).

But today the scope is growing and making it more attractive, which includes motion (kinetic) and becoming the consumption of the sense of smell (smell). Multimedia began to develop by adding kinetic elements after applying it to 3-dimensional film that can generate real / realistic sense / 19459015.

Multimedia has been used in several fields in human life because the functions and features offered are interesting, especially with advances in technology are increasingly advanced making more and more multimedia in the lyrics so as to produce interesting work. Examples are radio, television, computers and cellphones. The multimedia components are as follows:

1. Text

 Multimedia Components Text

Text is a component of multimedia that is important for conveying information, because this component text is simple but does not require a large storage area . The text will be stored in the form of files, consisting of words, sentences and paragraphs / paragraphs.

The appearance of text in multimedia is better known as typography, which is an important part in making multimedia.

Text is certainly well known, especially for computer users text is a basic part of processing data and for presenting information in multimedia to an audience that works fast. Because multimedia presents it in a practical and effective way which does not require careful reading.

2. Pictures / Graphics

Images or graphics will make it easier for someone to understand information. This one component also has an important role in the multimedia component. Because images can present and summarize data in a complex manner and are able to present words that are easy to understand.

Most people are more interested in visuals, therefore images become the right means to present information. Images on multimedia publications will attract someone's attention and reduce boredom compared to reading full text.

3. Audio / Sound

 Multimedia / Audio Components

Audio / sound has an important role also in multimedia to convey information. If there is no audio in the multimedia results are incomplete. Normal audio / audio can be in the form of music voice recorder or other sound effects.

Audio is used to clarify or reinforce an information to be conveyed. For example, if you add sound effects ( sound effects, music recorded sound) in a video will increase the appeal and characteristics of the images or text contained in them.

Authoring software in multimedia must be able to control playback and recording. There are several forms of files available for audio such as MP3, AIFF, AAC, ogg, wav and wma.

4. Video

 Multimedia video component

Video in multimedia is sequential images, life video, and full motion. Where the live video is obtained from the recording from the camera. What is meant by full motion is that there are narrative techniques, characters that are recorded and stored as video clips.

Authoring tools can use full motion video, for example, hasul recording from VCR which can produce moving images, other than that the resulting high image quality. The purpose of making a video on a multimedia display is the same as an audio component, so that the results are more interesting and good.

5. Animation

 Multimedia Components Animation

A collection of several images arranged and displayed in such a way as to produce a live or moving image called an animation. Motion animation will be easier to understand than still images or objects. Besides being more interesting, moving animation is more communicative so that the information conveyed is easier to understand.

Animation is used to help illustrate / illustrate methods, show something that is alive or active and model the model. The use of animation is now very widely used.

The process of making animation itself is quite difficult because only people who are proficient in their fields, need good experience to make it. When compared with its function of building one's imagination, of course it is a balanced thing.

In making animation with standard quality with frames requires about 25 frames per second. When changing these frames the viewer will see a moving animation. How to make animated frames can be used with manuals, photography, painting (drawing), and can be with a computer.

5. Interactive Link

The last component is an interactive link. This component is useful for perfecting multimedia. Why? see the explanation below so you know the reason.

Some multimedia is interactive, meaning that the user can press objects or mouse on the screen such as text or botton that causes the program to perform a command that is pressed.

Interactive links are often connected with hypermedia . The specific meaning is related to hypertext (hotword), hypergraphics, hypersound which can explain the type of information .

This interactional link component is useful for combining several elements or components so as to produce good and integrated information. The way to access information in multimedia can be linear and non-linear.

Linear information is displayed ats down / from page to page (sequential), whereas non-linear information is directly displayed.

Thus the article about components -media components, hopefully this article can add to your insights and knowledge. Thank you.


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