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5 Movies with the Best Visual Effects You May Not Know

 Films with the Best Visual Effects

For those of you who are fans of fantasy genre films, you must be familiar with the word visual effects. Because usually the film genre fantasy, action and others use visual effects to find the results of a scene that looks real.

If you don't know, VISUAL EFFECT or often called Visual FX (VISUAL F / X; VFX is a series of drawing process which includes a certain manipulation process outside the original shooting shooting scene, so essentially Visual Effect is giving a certain effect to a video or film. Visual effects are a combination of original shooting images with computer engineering objects, as well as other objects to create realistic scenes according with scenario demands.

This is done for example because the scene is dangerous to be performed by the cast, or is costly, or even impossible to visualize real.

1. Avatar

 Films with the Best Visual Effects

Image: OnlineGames

The avatar, known as James Cameron's Avatar, is an adventurous science fiction film with the United States in 2009 directed by James Cameron and produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau. This film script was written by James Cameron. The film stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver.

This film is basically a film about how humans are willing to destroy nature for profit. Because of its ferocity, humans have the heart to destroy the harmonization of life in other solar systems, which for centuries have lived in harmony with nature. And at the end of the show, how nature can also respond.

Various animals come and participate in the battle. And that's where it is seen, that sophisticated human equipment turns out to mean nothing when dealing directly with the forces of nature.

In this film also uses very good visual effects, ranging from giant, colorful birds, super giant trees big, and how they can relate to each other with the tip of their hair that is filamentous.

2. Guardians of Galaxy

 Films with the Best Visual Effects

Image: DigitalTrends

An action-packed epic space adventure, Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy expands the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the cosmos, where adventurer Peter Quill finds himself hunted relentlessly after stealing a mysterious spherical object desired by Ronan, a strong villain with ambitions that threaten the universe.

To avoid Ronan who never gave up, Quill was forced to work with a quartet of alienated creatures – Rocket, an armed raccoon; Groot, a human-like creature in the form of a tree; Gamora is beautiful and full of mystery; and Drax the vengeful Destroyer.

But when Peter learned the true power of the things he stole and the danger he brought to the cosmos, he had to do his best to gather his allies to fight – because the fate of the universe depended on them. [19659003] While the official photo (above) is not much different from the concept art issued since last year's Comic-Con. But this time we can guess a bit about the faces of the characters played by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and voiced by Bradley Cooper. Visual effects that appear on the film are like Rocket, Groot and others.

3. Twilight


Image: TeknoCore

Many films received awards at the MTV Movie Awards at Gibson Amphitheater, Los Angeles, United States. Twilight won Best Film, Best Fighting Scene, Best Actress appearance by Kristen Stewart, and Best Arrivals Actor by Robert Pattison. All of the winners received awards in the form of gold-plated popcorn.

The story of the triangular love life theme between Vampire, wolf and humans has a lot of fans in their last film series, The Twilight saga: breaking dawn II. The visual effects displayed on this film are like wild animals that are aired and fog.

4. Maleficent

 Films with the Best Visual Effects

Image: video.disney.com

Maleficent is a fairy who lives in an area called Moors, where all non-human fairies live peacefully there. Maleficent keeps the Moors well from attacks by humans who usually have bad intentions in their place. At that time, Maleficent was still a teenager but he had become a guard for Moors.

The film was awarded as the best tervaforit film and family film at the People's Choice Award in 2015. The visual effects displayed on this film are like the environment around the castle which is like real and looks beautiful.

5. Transformers


Image: GatehouseMedia

Transformers is an American science fiction film based on the Transformers story in 1984. The film combines CGI technology with direct action. CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology is the application of graphic imaging using 3-dimensional animation for special visual effects.

CGI is commonly used in movies, television programs and advertisements, even in print media. Transformers animated film uses this technology because it has a function for visual effects that are difficult to do in real scenes.

CGI is also a cost saving solution for film production, but with very satisfying visual results, similar to real scenes. For example a car explosion scene, building explosions, helicopters and so on. The film also received many awards in every event on television.

A good film will show a good picture, where things that are impossible to happen in the real world become real after a visual effect. Therefore, the film cannot be separated from the name of visual effects. Because with visual effects, the film will look classy and bring the audience to the atmosphere that the director wants to create.


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