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5 MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS According to Experts / Henry Fayol [LENGKAP]

In a company, the key to being able to obtain maximum management results is the founders or managers within the company must have the ability to master 5 functions of management.

5 Functions management will be a step guide for a manager to be able to run a number of processes from management that aim to reach the goals of a company or organization.

Therefore, the management function must be increased in a company or organization so that the products produced have quality nice. With so many benefits and benefits that can be taken by the company. And below will explain what management functions are.

Management Functions

 Management Functions are

Before knowing anything about management functions according to Henry Fayol, we must first know who Henry Fayol is. Henry Fayol was the first person to introduce a management function, he was also an expert in industry in the 20th century and he was French.

Fayol was also the most influential person in the concepts of management and modern administration. Now, the well-known legacy of Henry Fayol is about five main functions in management. What are they? The following are 5 management functions according to Henry Fayol .

1. Planning (Planning)

 Planning (Planning)

The first management function is Planning or planning, Henry Fayol prioritizing Planning as the first management function is not without reason. Because according to him Planning or planning is something that has a significant role. In a plan it is very necessary to be able to organize and evaluate further actions.

The planning process has a very dynamic nature, where planning can change at any time depending on the situation and conditions at that time. And basically the planning process of a management function is a process that has begun with:

  • Determining the goals of a company or organization .
  • Can determine a strategy or way to achieve the goals of the organization overall.
  • And can formulate how the system in a whole plan can run with each other integrated and can also be coordinated until the achievement of a goal from the company and organization.

The objectives of a planning function are: [19659012] Planning to be able to provide clearer goals and objectives

  • Planning to be able to reduce uncertainty
  • Planning to reduce wasteful resources
  • Planning can be considered as a guideline in a quality evaluation that is in accordance with the quality management that has been predetermined . [1 9659015] Also Read: Definition of Education

    2. Organizing (Organizing)

     Organizing (Organizing) [1945902] </p data-recalc-dims=

    Organizing or organizing is a way to be able to create an organizational structure that fits the target organization, resources that have been owned, and also the surrounding environment

    The role of organizing on management functions is that it can try to adjust the resources contained in organizations and companies to be able to achieve an organizational goal. These resources are such as natural resources (natural resources), human resources (human resources), and capital resources.

    These processes can be carried out by means of being able to share a complex job into a simpler and more capable job by someone or a group of people.

    Organizing according to Henry Fayol is the concentration of authority at the leadership level of an organization. The manager or level manager can divide the organization into two main aspects, namely departmentalization and division of labor. Which is where departmentalization is a division and makes groups of various work activities in an organization so that the activities are the same and related to being able to be completed simultaneously.

    While the division of labor is specifying an obligation so that every worker in the organization has a responsibility to completing and working on a variety of limited activities.

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    3. Comanding (Briefing)

     Comanding (Briefing)

    Comanding can be done with the aim of giving direction to all workers to want to work together and be able to work effectively in achieving a goal from the company.

    this management function, direction is given to workers in the form of motivation [leadership]leadership and communication so that they can carry out their duties properly and in accordance with their intended goals.

    The principle of direction also has the purpose of being able to adjust goals someone with the aim of an organization that will be formed is a common goal. Therefore, the management function [19459909] according to Henry Fayol was intended to be able to provide directives regarding an organization to HR which in fact is the executor of the organization and company to be able to complete their tasks properly.

    4. Coordinating (Pengkoordinasian)

     Coordinating (Pengkoordinasian)

    The function of coordinating management according to Henry Fayol is one of the management functions that can keep the activities of an organization continue to synergize and can also work well together. Not only that, communication is also very much needed in a process of coordination between lines within the organization, both in formal and informal communication.

    5. Controlling (Control)

     Controlling (Control)

    Controlling or control as a management function according to Henry Fayol is an activity to be able to monitor, prove and ensure that all activities that have passed the stages in some management functions that have been running according to the target. Not only that, but also synchronous with standards in order to be able to provide solutions that are like a deviation that is meaningful or significant.

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    Actually there are many naming functions of control or controlling this, namely appraising, correcting and evaluating. But controlling naming is very often used because it is appropriate and has meanings that include the determination of references, measurement of activities and corrective action taking.

    Thus is the discussion of 5 management functions according to Henry Fayol that you can see above. Hopefully the explanation above can add to your insight about Management science.

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