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5 Hidden Features of Microsoft Word that are Unknown

Microsoft Word is an application that is very commonly used by many people to create documents on a Computer. Generally, if we make letters, theses, documents, and other writings, then Microsoft Word is often used. Did you know that Microsoft Word has several shortcuts to make it easier for you to create documents? To better understand it, here are some of Microsoft Word's Hidden Features.

1. "Find and Replace" feature

The usual Find and Replace feature
used to search for words and then replace them quickly. However, we are
confused if this feature can not change the format of writing. That is now
can be done by using the features found in Find and Replace. The way
is open the Replace feature on the Toolbar. After opening, click on the "More" section. There it is
You can only change words and sentences together with the writing format
in Word.

2. Quick scrolling feature

When we make assignments
much like the thesis, surely we are dizzy to find the page that we are
want. For example, when we have the number of pages in a document
reached 200 pages while we need to make edits or additions
on page 50. Usually to get to that page, we will
scrolling to that page.

Well, actually there is one
quick way so that we can go directly to the desired page without having to
scrolling. The trick is to press the "Shift + F5" key
together. When we successfully use the shortcut, then we
can move parts of the word without having to use the mouse to

3. Link insert feature

When we create a document, we need some reliable references to strengthen our theory. One way to add a reference is to use the Hyperlink feature. Usually when we want to insert a link in a word file, we have to do a fairly complicated method, which is to click "insert" and then select "hyperlink".

However, this method is less effective, because sometimes we always click on the wrong feature other if we are in a hurry. Therefore, to further speed up time, we can use the shortcut key from the keyboard, which uses the "CTRL + K" button simultaneously. For its own way it is quite easy. You can directly use the shortcut, then a link can appear on the document. Likewise if you enter a link in a word or sentence. The trick is to block the words or sentences first, then directly use "CTRL + K". Later a hyperlink page will appear, enter the link and click "OK". Automatically, the intended words or sentences already have a reference link.

4. Change the size of words or sentences in documents

If we want to change a letter to capital, usually we will use more the Capslock button. However, what if we want to change words or sentences with all capitalists or all small? Especially if we write the wrong words or sentences that should be small to be capitalist or vice versa. If we erase those words and sentences, it will certainly take time. Fortunately, there is a more practical shortcut that is to use the shortcut "CTRL + Shift + A" simultaneously.

easy, you just block the words and sentences you want. After
that, just press the "CTRL + Shift + A" button on the keyboard. Then automatically
Small words and sentences will be the capacity of everything
and vice versa. However, you need to note that when this function is activated
then writing will continue to be capital. To stop it, you have to
press "CTRL + Shift + A" again.

5. Paper Portrait and Landscape simultaneously

When we are going to type text, generally we will format only one type of paper. For example, when we use portrait layout, then when printed we can only use portrait format. Meanwhile, if we want to use the landscape version, then we must use a new file. However, in fact we can do two types of layouts in one file by using the settings on the page setup.

For the method itself, first
You must enter Page Layout-> enter Page Setup-> select Margin then
click Custom Margin. If so, then you just select on the orientation
want to use the portrait version or Landscape version. After setting,
look at the "Apply to" section. Select "Selected Text".

Apart from going through Page Setup,
You can also adjust the document layout through the "Break" feature. The method itself
quite easily, click Page Layout Section on the Toolbar, then, click "Breaks". After
that, choose in the "Section Breaks" section this method can also be used way
give a page to Microsoft Word .

Those are 5 hidden features
Microsoft Word can help you. If you are still looking for references
For more information about Microsoft Word, you can learn how
create a brochure with Microsoft Word or method
make a table of contents in Microsoft Word . Hopefully this article can provide
benefits for the reader.


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