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5+ Functions of Political Parties & Their Explanations + Examples [LENGKAP]

Political parties are one of the organizations whose job it is to undergo a certain ideology or political parties are formed with general objectives. This political party can also be said to be an organized group with a number of members in it who have the same values, ideals and orientation.

Political parties can also be interpreted as an association that has the same principles, and in the same direction in the world politics, both based on cadre parties and party structures controlled by a group of well-known and prominent party members.

The group's goal is to gain political power and win political positions. This is also generally done in a constitutional manner, to be able to carry out their policies. Therefore, it can be said, the function of political parties is a means of political education for members and the wider community .

Below will explain in more detail the function of political parties. And here are 6 functions of political parties:

Function of Political Parties and Their Explanations

In a country that already adopts a democratic political system, we must together maintain order in carrying out all kinds of political activities within a country. And on this occasion, will discuss the functions of political parties.

Political parties are certainly no stranger to us who have long lived in a country that adopts a democratic system. Representatives such as people's representatives are definitely needed in countries that embrace democratic systems . As for various politics in Indonesia such as the Golkar party, Nasdem party, Democratic party, PAN party, etc.

Political parties also have functions, and the functions of political parties can be divided into 6 functions. Here are the functions of political parties that you must know:

1. Means of Political Socialization

 The Function of Political Parties as Means of Political Socialization

Political parties in Indonesia have a role to be a means of political socialization. And in this political science, political socialization is defined as a process in which a person can obtain attitudes and orientation to the existing political phenomena, and generally also applies in the society where he is located.

In general, the process of socialization also runs gradually , from childhood to adulthood. Political socialization can also shape a political culture that exists in a country . Political education is a process of dialogue which aims to make members of the community know and also learn the norms, values, and symbols in the politics of the country.

This can also be carried out by means of organizational activities in schools and organizations in universities. A real example of a political socialization is to say a number of special training directives, as well as cadre special training on the holding of ELECTION (general election) and others

2. Means of Regulating Politics


In a country that adopts a democratic system like Indonesia, there are differences of opinion which are sure to be natural. As there are differences such as ethnicity, culture, ethnicity, social status, religion, etc., of course it is not uncommon to bring up all kinds of problems that can threaten the nation's integrity . [1919909017] Therefore political parties can be prosecuted for being able to overcome those problems. And at least it can reduce and be a fix between various parties who are in conflict.

Differences and competition will always be a matter that must be handled by political parties that embody political peace in a country. Political parties must also be able to create a harmonious atmosphere among the people and can also model healthy competition when they want to find a goal.

3. Means of Political Participation

 Political Functions as Political Regulatory Facilities

Political parties also have a function to be able to influence policies made by the government. And that is because political parties can accommodate and accept the opinions and aspirations of the community when implementing a national development. And that makes political parties will continue to function.

Countries that embrace this democratic system will certainly need the role of political parties that can be a reservoir of people's aspirations to be channeled to the government.

And without any participation or the involvement of a political party, then the policy that has been made by the government certainly cannot be changed if it is not in accordance with the conditions of the community.

4. Means of Public Communication


In a country that has established democracy as its country system like Indonesia, political parties have the function to be able to channel all kinds of aspirations and voices from the public to reach the government. Opinions that have been supported, then will continue to be considered with various aspects in order to achieve a goal that will be agreed upon.

Further aspirations will be poured into all sorts of activities of political parties. Not only that, political parties have a function to be able to disseminate government policies and decisions. If political parties cannot carry out these functions, there can be an imbalance or abuse of political parties to dismiss a group or group.

5. Suggestions for Political Recruitment

 Political Function as a Political Regulatory Means

Political parties can also have a role to be a place to be able to select and accommodate political cadres who will continue the leadership of a government with special positions. Political parties also expand their role to open up opportunities for citizens to participate in political participation in a country.

Political parties will also give birth to potential cadres in each development when political competition occurs. This will be done by recruiting young members who have wealth and can provide the provisions of young cadres.

6. Means of Political Control

 The Function of Politics as Means of Regulating Politics

When setting policies and decisions there will definitely be mistakes and mistakes that are not in accordance with the interests of the people. In this case, political parties have a role to be able to straighten and remind government policies.

Policy controls are useful to be able to limit the arbitrariness of government that can harm the people. The political party also has the task to conduct a review and supervision of the implementation of the road of government so that it can run well.

Thus the article that describes the function of political parties. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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